What Foods Are High in Polyphenols?

10 products with polyphenols

Powerful antioxidants polyphenols are found in many natural products, but in some their concentration is particularly high. These ten foods contain a lot of polyphenols.
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People who regularly get food with polyphenols live longer and age much later; they are less susceptible to age-related diseases. Polyphenols are potent antioxidants found in many natural products, but in some products, their concentration is unusually high.

The peculiarity of polyphenols is that their action is limited in time, so it is desirable to receive several servings of products with polyphenols every day.

The worse the environment in the habitat of people, the more they need polyphenols, the need also increases due to unhealthy lifestyles and bad habits, especially smoking.

Smoking and harmful substances in the air increase the number of free radicals; they need more antioxidants to resist.

The advantage of the products presented below is not only in the high content of polyphenols, but antioxidants from them are also easily absorbed by the body.

The amount of polyphenols in the product is influenced by the storage time and the type of processing, so to get the maximum benefit, you need to eat fresh, unprocessed foods.

#1: Apples

It is the clear leader in polyphenol content among other products. It is preferable to choose red apples, and they contain twice as many antioxidants than apples of a different color.

#2: Carnation

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition emphasized the importance of consuming this spice; it is the leader in the content of polyphenols among spices. Cloves can be added to drinks and pastries.

#3: Onion

The concentration of polyphenols depends on the variety of onions, in red onions, there are much more of them than in yellow. In the outer layers of any polyphenol, a bulb will be larger, the closer to the core.

#4: Tea

Numerous studies have confirmed the content of polyphenols in all varieties of tea, but the most useful antioxidants are found in green tea.

#5: Coffee

Natural coffee without milk and sugar is good for health; its benefits are due to the high content of polyphenols. Adding milk and sugar does not reduce the number of antioxidants, but prevents their absorption

#6: Oranges

Citrus contains many antioxidants, not only polyphenols but also vitamin C, which also has antioxidant properties. Most polyphenols are found in oranges, in particular in their peel. By adding zest to food and drink, you not only transform their taste but also add value.

#7: Soy

Soy has more antioxidants than other legumes, but they are destroyed during processing. To get polyphenols, you need to eat green beans, and not drink soy milk.

#8: Cherry

Studies conducted in 2012 showed that the darker the cherry berries are, the more polyphenols they contain.

#9: Red wine

It contains a large number of polyphenols, but this does not mean that red wine can be consumed in unlimited quantities. Red wine will benefit only when used moderately.

#10: Cacao butter

Cocoa butter has an anti-inflammatory effect; it has the prevention of heart disease and cancer. The action is due to polyphenols, but only high-quality bitter chocolate and other products with cocoa butter will bring benefit; sweet chocolate bars do one harm.