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Too many people today suffer from dependence on various drugs, so rapid tests to determine drugs are widespread. With the help of this invention, it is possible to independently verify at home whether a person used any drug. There are several such tests, each has its own characteristics, so it is worth considering this issue in more detail.

Rapid drug tests

Today, almost every day there are new varieties of drugs, so the number of consumers is growing steadily. Drug tests will help to determine whether a person is engaged in the use of drugs or your suspicions are unfounded, and suspicious signs of drug addiction are evidence of any disease. In addition, it is not a problem and where to buy such a test — today they are sold in almost any pharmacy.

Such tests look like a paper strip on which a layer like a blotter impregnated with various compositions of protein and chemical origin is located. When urine or saliva impregnates this layer, it, in the presence of a narcotic substance, reacts with impregnation. As a result, a bright strip appears on the test. There are tests in the form of a cassette. When using this test, you should drip three drops of bioobrazca in a special window.

Rapid tests are highly sensitive, they are able to detect the remains of opium drugs within 5 days of use, and cannabinoid-like hashish or marijuana – within 14 days, even if the reception was single. You can take such a test at home, and the sale of Express tests are engaged in pharmacies.

Drug tests are of several types:

Test strips for the determination of narcotic substances in the urine-these tests are strips impregnated with indicator substances, through which the presence of a certain drug is detected. Such a set of strips can be used even in cases where the type of drug is unknown. Such a study can be carried out at home.

Rapid drug tests help to answer the question of where to take the test. They are convenient to use in schools and other similar institutions. Similar tests are used to examine urine. The entire procedure takes no more than 10 minutes, and special equipment or inventory is not required, so the study can be carried out at home.

Tests from the Narcoscreen series. Able to simultaneously determine the presence of biomaterial in a variety of drugs (5 or 10 species). As the test material can be used saliva or urine test. In the study of urine, the test is immersed in a container with a liquid, and when checking the saliva on the test, there is a special panel that is applied to the saliva. Included in the tests are usually applied additional attributes such as a kind of pipette to collect saliva or a Cup of urine.

Rapid tests for drugs Narcoscreen

Methods for determining drugs in urine and saliva using rapid tests.

For what types of drugs

Any drug in the body is converted into a certain metabolite, which is not so much. Thus, opiates, codeine, heroin or morphine are transformed into morphine, the presence of which in the urine determines the MultiTest drugs. And it can be found not only in the urine but also in saliva, hand washes, clothes, and other research materials.

Modern rapid tests are able to detect 2-10 varieties of various drugs such as:

• Heroin, morphine
• Marijuana
• Amphetamine and methamphetamine;
• Barbiturates
• Cocaine
• Methadone
• Ecstasy or MDMA
• Phencyclidine
• Benzodiazepine
• Antidepressant drugs
• Alcohol and nicotine.

In the method for determining

Modern drug tests, suitable for use at home, can detect narcotic substances in the study of saliva or urine. In the conditions of drug dispensary or drug clinic, the range of the studied materials is much more extensive. It is possible to confirm or disprove the fact of consumption of drugs in similar institutions on saliva, urine, blood, hair, from a surface of clothes or hands and so forth.

Unfortunately, the drug market today is flooded with new products like synthetic Smoking mixes, spices, mixes etc. This is a group of psychoactive, dependence-forming substances.

The problem of test studies is the lack of reliability in relation to such drugs, so it is difficult to determine the use of such substances. In such a situation, only a narcologist can help.

Principle of operation

Each drug test has a control area that displays the results of the study. The principle of operation of such multi tests is simple. If the biomaterial contains narcotic compounds, the specific antibodies, which impregnated the test strip, react to the products of drug metabolism. As a result, one strip appears in the control area.

If the subjects did not use drugs, the result would be negative, and two red lines would appear in the control area. Most parents have a positive result is extremely puzzling and even outrage, because in recent days their child behaved quite adequately. This is due to the long withdrawal of narcotic products such as marijuana or cocaine, which can last up to 2 weeks.

Rules & requirements

To use the test analyzer correctly, you need to follow a few specific rules:

The biomaterial should only be harvested in a clean container made of glass or plastic like glass.
Urine or saliva shall be collected under such conditions that the test subject cannot dilute or replace the sample.
If the urine is collected, and there is no MultiTest, the sample can be kept in the refrigerator for a while. When the test is available, the urine is left to warm up to room temperature, only then the study is carried out.

In the course of the study revealed the fact of drug use no later than 2-3 days from the date of their use. In the case of cannabis drugs, methadone, cocaine or benzodiazepines, the availability of drugs is determined within two weeks of the time of anesthesia.

Both the biomaterial and the test should be at room temperature so that the results are as reliable as possible.
The test strip is dipped into the biomaterial to a restrictive line for 0.5-1 minute, then put it on a dry plane. The results are evaluated after a 5-10-minute period of time.

When the result in 2 strips of analysis to decipher how a negative, i.e., the test drug was not used.
The result in 1 striped confirms that took place the use of narcotic substances. With a positive result, urine samples should be stored for a more complete analysis.
If no lines are displayed on the test strip, the study is considered to be erroneous and requires repetition by another MultiTest.

Drug addiction has now reached global proportions. This is the scourge of modern youth, which has killed an incredible number of lives. Therefore, it is very important as soon as possible to determine the presence of such dependence in a loved one/son/daughter/husband to have time to help them cope with their problem. Express drug tests are available for sale in almost every pharmacy, so it is easy to buy.

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