The Benefits and Disadvantages of Sleeping Without a Pillow

(1) Do you sleep without a pillow?

Do not sleep on the pillow is very bad for the human body. Once you sleep without a pillow, the position of the head will be relatively lower than the heart, so that the blood will flow into the heart faster, resulting in lower blood circulation to the head, injury to the wall, and wake up the next day.

I am dizzy and chest tight, it is estimated that it is the reason for not sleeping pillows.

Not only that, users do not need a pillow to sleep, which will lead to an increase in blood vessel fullness. In this way, the blood flowing into the head becomes more and more, and the quality of sleep is seriously affected.

The pillow is to help us raise our head and avoid lower body blood. The circulation is not smooth, forming a stiff neck, making it a serious burden on the body.

(2) Patients with the vertebral disease do not need a pillow?

For patients with cervical spondylosis, it is very unsuitable to sleep without a pillow. If you do not sleep on a pillow for a long time, the originally curved neck will become straight, causing cervical spine damage and excessive stretching of the neck muscles. In the long run, it will form a hunchback, which is even more unfavorable to cervical spondylosis.

At the same time, the pillows used by patients with cervical spondylosis should be carefully selected. It is best to ensure the normal curvature of the physiological curve of the neck. Therefore, when choosing, the general pillow will also cause discomfort in the neck.

(3) The benefits of sleeping without a pillow

The above said that there are so many disadvantages that no pillows are used, so if there is no need for a pillow, is it only bad? There is no difference in everything. Nothing has a certain benefit to our body without a pillow.

In fact, the shape of the spine of many people is not very healthy. The normal spine is straight, which makes our body look better and better for good health.

However, some people may have some curvature because of the congenital spine, or because the acquired habits of the day are not correct, causing the spine to bend. At this time, you can sleep without pillows, but only if you have to sleep on your back, which will help correct the shape of the body and the shape of the spine.

Do newborns need a pillow?

1. Newborn babies generally do not need a pillow because the size of the newborn’s head is almost the same width as the shoulder.

When lying down, the back and the back of the head are on the same plane; when lying on the side, the head and body are also on the same plane.

However, if the mattress is soft, sleeps in thick clothes when it is cold, or if there is a milk spill, the mother can fold the towel for the adult face twice, under the baby’s head. Or let the baby lie on the right side and slightly raise the upper body with the folded towel.

The baby’s head protrudes backward. When lying on his back, the back of the head is flat and the shoulders are flat, which will bend and bend the neck of the front neck. The throat and trachea of the respiratory tract are located in the front neck.

The bending of the rubber hose, like the rubber hose, will narrow the inner diameter of the airway here, increasing the airflow resistance during breathing, making the breathing more laborious. Therefore, the baby’s pillow should be placed on the lower neck and shoulders. In this way, the baby’s respiratory tract can be prevented from being oppressed.

2, wait for the baby to grow for about 3 months, after learning to look up, the cervical spine appears forward physiological bending. It is more appropriate to start using the pillow at this time.

However, when many babies are sleeping, they often unknowingly put the pillow aside, and the little pillows prepared by the mother are useless. So, do you sleep without a pillow, does it have any adverse effects on your baby’s physical development?

Before the age of 1 baby, the head is still relatively large, the curvature of the spine is not deep, as long as the baby does not feel uncomfortable, it does not matter if the pillow is not used. But as the body develops, the child’s shoulders gradually widen.

In order to protect normal physiological curvature and maintain normal physiological activities during sleep, pillows should be used during sleep. A good pillow that supports the cervical spine well. Without it, the quality of sleep will be greatly reduced.

How to choose three kinds of pillows

1, buckwheat pillows – exist in the truth

It is a natural material pillow. Traditional things have been handed down, and there is always a reason for it. Buckwheat has a tough, non-fragile diamond structure, and the buckwheat pelt can change shape as the head moves left and right, making it comfortable to sleep. The method of cleaning is to periodically exposed to the sun.

2, latex pillow – in addition to the price is good

Latex has good elasticity, is not easy to deform, and has a strong supporting force. It is said that latex can change the shape of the head for children whose bones are developing, and there are no allergens such as dust and fiber that cause respiratory allergies. Some latex pillows also have the effect of massaging and promoting blood circulation. Latex pillows are ideal pillows, but they are also more expensive.

3, chemical fiber pillow – cheap but not practical

This is a kind of pillow made of ordinary man-made fiber. Because the chemical fiber material is not breathable, it is easy to deform and form a block after a long time, and it lacks elasticity, and the pillow is in a state of unevenness. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not choose this cheap but not practical pillow when purchasing pillows.

4. down pillows – easy to use but inconvenient to clean

A good down pillow should have a larger down, which has better bulkiness, can provide better support for the head, and will not be deformed due to long use. And the down has the advantages of light weight, breathability, and no sultry heat. The down pillow is a good material pillow, the disadvantage is that it can not be washed.

5, hydrophilic cotton pillow – also known as the second generation of memory foam

Low temperature does not change hard, slow rebound, ventilation, heat dissipation, a constant temperature can sense human body temperature, shape completely conforms to human body shape, reach zero pressure state, slow down blood vessel and nerve compression, reduce the number of turning and stiffening, and achieve high-quality sleep Quality effect.

High pillow and low pillow affect health

Our neck is bent forward, and the head and neck are curved in a curved line. When sleeping, the pillow with a certain height on the head cushion can maintain the normal physiological state between the head and the body, relax the muscles and nerves on both sides of the neck, and achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue.

However, if the pillow is too high, it will change the normal physiological curvature of the cervical spine, causing fatigue damage to the muscles and ligaments pulling the strain, causing spasms, inflammation, etc., resulting in neck and shoulder pain, inconvenience, hand numbness, dizziness, and other symptoms. The “slowing pillow” that is usually said is due to the high pillow.

It seems that “high pillow” is not as worry-free as the ancients said, then we sleep low pillows or simply do not use pillows?

Poor pillows or no pillows are also not good for your health. When you sleep, you don’t put a pillow. When you are lying on your back, you will over-reverse and easily breathe. This will cause dry mouth, dry tongue, sore throat, and even snoring.

If you do not put a pillow on your side, the neck muscles on the other side will be paralyzed and painful due to excessive pulling and fatigue, and the phenomenon of “stiffing” will reappear.

At the same time, too low a pillow will make the blood supply of the whole body unbalanced, which will easily cause congestion and swelling of the nasal mucosa, thus affecting the breathing, making the breathing not smooth, producing chest tightness and even suffocation.

High and low, suitable for sleeping

In ancient Chinese medical books, it has long been pointed out: “The size of the upper and lower sides is just the same as the shoulders, that is, the supine side is also comfortable.”

That is to say, the height of the pillow should be kept at the level of the head and the trunk when lying supine, that is, When you are lying on your back, your pillow is high, and when you are lying on your side, your pillow is one punch and a half high.

Of course, the level of the pillow is not completely in accordance with the ancients, it is unchanged, it also varies according to the size of the individual. When our head is on the pillow, the height of the pillow is pressed, preferably 5 cm on the back, and the shoulder width on the side is about 12 to 15 cm.