Skin Exfoliation: Natural Ingredients

Either because it comes out regularly or because you have rough spots on the body, exfoliation to remove the outermost layer of dead skin could be the key to combating the most challenging skin problems. The best dermatologists share their proven tips so you can look good from head to toe.

Actually, there are 2 types of exfoliants for the body: the one used at the physical level, which is the cleansing and the chemical known as peeling.

Both methods remove dead cells to reveal new skin. When it comes to your complexion, the chemical exfoliation that you would do using a lotion or one that contains acids can make you look younger.

Meanwhile, areas that have thicker skin, such as the knees and elbows, can benefit from using something a little rougher, such as a homemade lemon or coffee-based body scrub and a loofah.

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Skin Exfoliation: Why is it important?

Most of the people who try to take care of the skin, we only focus on exfoliating the face, but what about our body? Exfoliating helps your skin look smoother and more youthful.

But not only the face benefits but the whole body. Here you will find more information on what a regular body scrub can do for your health and the appearance of your skin.

You probably exfoliate your face regularly to get rid of the accumulation of dead cells and thus have a fresh and bright appearance. You can get the same benefits for the body when you exfoliate the rest of your skin. Is it essential? It turns out that your body needs exfoliation as much as your face.

Without a regular exfoliation, you can end up with clogged pores that prevent moisture from entering the deeper layers and create a hard, anti-aesthetic crust. To have the skin as healthy and smooth as possible, exfoliate is the key, so do not stop buying your creams or prepare them at home.

How to use an exfoliant for the body?

Dead skin cells often need a little help to come off. An exfoliating skin with ingredients such as an alpha hydroxy acid or a beta hydroxy acid can leave it looking fresh and feeling soft.

Our skin is constantly renewed, producing new cells that replace those that age, die, fall or fall off.

Every minute of every day, between 30,000 and 40,000 dead skin cells break off. Factors such as age and dry skin can mean that dead cells do not disappear as quickly as they should.

When these cells accumulate, they can make the complexion look harsh, dry and pasty and can also contribute to clogged pores that lead to adult acne.

The regular and careful use of a skin scrub can help eliminate dead skin cells and discover a fresher and more youthful skin.

There are 2 main types of skin exfoliantsmechanical exfoliants and chemical exfoliants. Both are commonly available, and both have advantages and disadvantages concerning their use and depending on the types of skin conditions for which they are most appropriate.

Mechanical scrubs of the skin

Mechanical exfoliants work by sanding the dead skin cells using slightly abrasive substances.

These exfoliants are usually facial, cream cleansers with small, rough particles. As you massage with gentle circular movements with the exfoliant on the surface of the face and skin, the friction works to loosen the old skin cells.

Mechanical exfoliants are available in pharmacies and are easy to use. They are especially good for people with oily skin or acne, as they remove dead cells and debris that clog pores.

Do not rub too much as this can cause more irritation. Generally, some may contain sea salt, coffee or some drops of honey.

Chemical Exfoliates of the Skin

A chemical exfoliator for the skin uses mild acids to dissolve any bond that prevents the outer layer of dead skin cells from falling off the face and body. Skin care products with alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid tend to be less hard on the skin than mechanical exfoliants.

They also help to refresh the skin in a way that a facial scrub cannot: reduce the pH level of the skin, help to smooth small and superficial wrinkles, improving the appearance of skin that is dry or damaged by the sun.

You should not use an exfoliant every day. Your skin needs time to regenerate its top layer, which the exfoliation eliminates.

People with dry skin should only exfoliate once or twice a week, while people with oily skin can exfoliate 2 to 4 times a week.

Stop using the scrub if you notice that your skin is irritated or develops a rash. Remember to moisturize your skin after exfoliating it, soothing it and preventing it from drying out.

Best exfoliants for the skin

The best exfoliants for oily skin are those that contain dry ingredients, which are usually granulated, such as coffee, sea salt, lemon, orange, or this type of acidic ingredients that balance the pH of your skin.

It is also possible that you learn how to exfoliate the skin with sugar. It is super simple since you only have to mix it with blue soap or your usual exfoliation cream and this way you will optimize and potentiate its effect.

On the other hand, to exfoliate the skin that tends to be dry, you can apply olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil and other oils that not only exfoliate your skin but also hydrate while you’re giving consistency to your face with a relaxing massage.

An excellent homemade scrub for legs is sea salt. If you take a cup of sea salt and mix it with honey, you will not only be making a very particular bittersweet mixture, but you will be getting a super powerful exfoliating cream for your legs, which not only removes dead cells but also moisturizes the skin of your legs impressively.

And all with natural ingredients!

How to exfoliate the body with homemade products?

The best exfoliants are natural exfoliants, which not only serve to exfoliate the body but also function as a general sum of your beauty. Do not stop using homemade scrubs and incorporate them into your daily routine in the following way:

  • Lavender and Vanilla Fragrant lavender and sweet vanilla are a classic option to create a soothing exfoliant.
  • Almond scrub A perfect beauty tip to exfoliate the face based on sugar and sweet almond oil, two natural products that you can buy at any supermarket for very little money.
  • Exfoliating with coconut oil. A simple scrub made with 1/4 cup of coconut oil and 1/2 cup of pure cane sugar is perfect for the whole body.
  • Use a coffee-based exfoliant.
  • Lemon scrub Lemon is a natural source of vitamin C. Combine it with a natural exfoliant, and you will be a few minutes away from having a shiny and smooth skin.
  • Make a chocolate scrub. You will be tempted to eat this sweet chocolate scrub. Start your way to have beautiful skin and smell cake all day.
  • Exfoliating citrus green tea. Natural vitamin C and antioxidants will give your skin a beautiful summer glow.
  • Banana peel Do not throw the banana peel. Frótala for your skin, either the body or the face to exfoliate after a bath.


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