How to Remove Lice and Nits with Natural Remedies

We found it interesting to write an article on How to Eliminate Lice and Nits with Natural Remedies since it is something more common than we think.

So, stay with us, and we’ll tell you everything!

It is undeniable how unpleasant lice and nits can be in anyone, regardless of whether you are male or female, whether you have long or short hair.

Not only are they disgusting, but they can also transmit delicate diseases.

Being infested with lice is also a disease known as pediculosis, and it is necessary to stop it immediately since its bite could generate allergies challenging to control.

Not to mention the fact that they lay eggs so fast that they can cover the entire scalp in a short time.

Lice are a delicate problem and can cause a person to have endemic typhus, which must be taken care of very much.

It is cured with antibiotics and constant attention in combination with other medications. In addition to this, other diseases can be transmitted to us.

Of course, lice and nits are a terrible epidemic to fight, especially when we have young children at home since we must be aware that they do not get infected at school and regularly check them to eliminate them in time.

It is essential to diagnose lice and nits in time because they reproduce very quickly, and it is a matter of a couple of days that they can get to occupy the head in a fantastic way making them permanently eliminate it quite tricky.

But if you think there is no solution to this problem, “DO NOT WORRY”. For everything, there is a solution and of course also for these unpleasant animals.

There are many homemade remedies that you can implement to eliminate lice and nits, and without spending a lot of money.

Sometimes the elements you need easily find them at home so that without any problem you can start your treatment, or treatment for your son or daughter and be able to kill those insects.

The Best Natural Remedies to Remove Lice and Nits


In addition to being an excellent dressing for salads, you would be impressed to know how beautiful it is to eliminate nits and lice.

Place the mayonnaise on the scalp and all the hair to the tips and leave it for about an hour.

When the time has passed, untangle the hair with a regular comb to avoid painful jerks at the time of starting to remove the lice and nits.

Take a comb of glued bristles (at any cosmetics store or pharmacy you can buy a lice comb ), and strand by strand begins to comb from the root to the tips.

Make sure you start from well attached to the scalp so you can drag all the lice and nits.

In each hairstyle, you should wash the comb in hot water with a few drops of vinegar to avoid replacing the lice on the head.

After having done this procedure, then you can remove the mayonnaise from your hair and wash it naturally with shampoo and conditioner.

For this treatment to give useful results, you must repeat it daily for at least fifteen days, even if you no longer see lice and nits, because this way you will have the certainty that you will have finished all the eggs as well.

Almonds oil

As mayonnaise is a powerful treatment to eliminate lice and nits because its oleic properties make these insects easily slide through the hair.

Its application is super simple, and it is not necessary to let it rest for minutes in your hair so that it takes effect.

As what we need are its oleic properties, you can use argan oil, coconut oil or even edible oil, only that the almond besides helping you eliminate these disgusting animals, will also help to leave the hair spectacular.

You must first untangle your hair, just for the same reasons as the previous point.

Apply almond oil on all the hair and start combing hair by strand from the root to the tips with your comb lice removes.

Wash the comb in each pass, and repeat the operation until you feel that no lice or no it is coming out.

You must wash your hair when you finish applying this treatment because it leaves you quite greasy. It is also recommended that you repeat it daily, at least ten or fifteen days after not seeing a single insect on your head, so you will prevent them from reappearing, and you will also be using it as a natural beauty treatment.

Infusion of rosemary and vinegar

This infusion is super powerful because of the smell and the effect it has on these bugs.

It is so compelling that it can kill them from the first application. What you should do is very easy, follow the following instructions to be able to eliminate lice and nits naturally.

First, you have to boil at least two litres of water with enough rosemary in a pot so that the water turns brown.

Once it has boiled, turn it off and let it settle. When it is warm, place a couple of cups of vinegar and take apart to make your mask.

You will use only one cup of that infusion to apply it to the hair. Make sure nothing of your hair is left uncovered with this mixture, cover the head with a thermal cap and let it act for half an hour.

When removing the thermal cap, you must untangle and begin combing immediately with your comb lice removes.

You will see how most insects come out dead. If you diagnosed it in time, it is possible that with just one application it suffices to have eliminated them.

However, it is advisable to apply this treatment for one full week to ensure that they were eliminated.

Final Recommendations

If the infestation of lice is enormous, it is recommended to mix the three natural treatments to eliminate the lice and nits mentioned above daily, for at least 2 weeks to obtain useful results and at the same time create protection for future infections.


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