Reminder After Root Canal Treatment

General information

Before root canal treatment you need to know what is in the channels and what treatment is necessary. Inside the tooth and in the channels there is a pulp-a soft connective tissue consisting of blood vessels and nerve endings and providing food to the tooth.

The causes of inflammation of the pulp and the occurrence of an acute toothache are traumatic damage to dental tissues, the penetration of bacteria into the tooth, periodontal disease or poorly treated channels earlier.

Root canal treatment (endodontics) consists of pulp removal, canal cleaning with antiseptics and instruments, canal filling with special materials.

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What to do with inflammation of the pulp and the appearance of acute pain?

• Hurry to the dentist for treatment, as only a doctor can remove the pulp;
• Before visiting a doctor, you can drink a tablet of painkillers and rinse with a soda-salt solution.

What recommendations should be followed after treatment?

• Immediately after the treatment of channels in the tooth will be a temporary seal, so you need 2 hours to refrain from eating;
• No need to give the tooth an excessive occlusal load
• In the event of pain in the tooth seal can not be removed
• If you have unpleasant sensations, you can drink painkillers.

What is normal occurs after root canal treatment?

• there may be a pain in the tooth
• pain when biting on the tooth
• aching pain
• unpleasant sensation
• or the absence of any sensations.

Causes of pain after treatment

• removal of the nerve;
• channel processing;
• aggressive drug effects on tissues of the periodontium.

When will the tooth cease to bother?

Pain after filling the tooth may not occur at all and may disturb up to 10 days. It depends on the body’s immunity and individual sensitivity. Normally, the pain occurs 1-3 days; discomfort may remain up to 1-2 weeks. Then the tooth should stop bothering.

When should I see a doctor?

• It is necessary to consult a specialist if the following situations arise after root canal treatment:
• effervescence;
• the appearance of swelling or swelling on the face;
• acute throbbing pain;
• every 6 months you need to undergo a preventive examination.