Problems with ejaculation: what will cure without harm?

I finally matured to write a post about how problems with ejaculation suddenly appeared in my life, brought me a step closer to impotence, and how I finally got rid of them. I’m sure my story will help you save at least Mowers 5 and get rid of this problem forever.

It all started spontaneously. The height of the working day, the deadlines for the report are burning; I’m on the nerves. Lips coffee, because I did not sleep well, and I notice that it was wet in my underpants. Well, it seemed likely, mb just nerves – scored.

The working day flew by. Already at home, when I went to the toilet, I understood the reason for the strange feeling of moisture. Pollutions? I’m not a schoolboy during puberty, what’s up? Having shared my problem with my wife in response, I heard a claim that I am “a traitor, a pervert, and how to understand it in general.” I didn’t start a scandal and explained something, I just passed out and fell asleep.

In the morning, we, of course, made up. My wife understood that anything could happen, and we had a so-called “conciliatory sex.”

It would be better if I immediately ran to work after reconciliation …

After all the actions, the wife did not find sperm in the condom and again gave a tantrum. This time, the reason was that she, supposedly, did not excite me, and in this state of affairs, I’m a traitor. And at orgasm just pretending, since there was no sperm.

Then she tried to collect things for me and drive me out of the house, but by unconvincing explanations that it was inhumane to evict me from my apartment, they agreed to move to a kitchen sofa until I found out the circumstances.

Naturally, I did not cheat on her, but it was useless to prove something, especially since I did not know for what reason I have wet emissions, and ejaculation after sex is not. Later, my darling went berserk, and I sat down to google what was wrong with me.

I found information (and gave a read to my wife) that, firstly, the absence of ejaculation during sex and wet sleep at a mature age is not at all a result of betrayals (I was even allowed to go back to bed). And secondly, that such problems can lead to impotence and infertility.

I was very scared that already during the week my ejaculation occurs at any time, but not in bed with my beloved woman. I also didn’t want to remain a barren impotent person … Deadline at work dispelled horrifying thoughts, and I hit the reports, throwing myself in valerian and safely forgetting about my misfortune.

A week later, I was ready to send all the work to hell, so long as someone competent would restore my ejaculation to me, because after I had this attack, my psychological state deteriorated with a geometrical progression, because in 32 years to remain absolute impotent, and even barren, I did not want to, and my wife was not thrilled …

Honestly, I did not ochkovat so when I cut a profit. He flew to a specialist – a reputable urologist in our settlement put “anejaculation of the first stage,” after taking blood and urine tests and undergoing ultrasound and MRI, the doctor unemotionally prescribed to drink 100ml of amantadine and 15mg of buspirone per day for 2 weeks and attention – new danger. Allegedly, emotional stress gives such a side effect, and the first thing to do is to treat the nerves, and with the rest of the analyzes, I have all the rules.

I picked up the simplicity of the doctor but did not ignore the list of drugs that predict my healing. But no matter how much I hoped for medical help, everything I was prescribed not a millimeter brought me closer to recovery. Well, except that I became calmer, but even this only aggravated my situation: I was cut down during the working day in all postures, and the disruptions in ejaculation remained as they were. Only now I often wake up from half asleep with wet pants in the groin area, provoking my colleagues’ sidelong glances. Have you presented a picture, yes?

I had to do something with this tin … Should I say that I also had problems with potency? It looks like my illness began to grow.

I must confess that to get rid of this scourge, I was already ready to be treated with at least Urinotherapy, if only it would help!

Is the salvation found?

Seeing my despair, a wife wedged in the matter. While my brain was having sex with an audit, my wife plowed up the Internet and, as an apology for lack of confidence, ordered a tool called Father’s monastery collection, George.

Judging by the reviews, this is a natural product that consists of 16 of the most useful herbs and can cure many diseases, thanks to the complete restoration of the body in just one course. First of all, my wife was interested in the natural composition (as I shouldn’t get into chemistry anymore), and secondly, the desire to save me from side effects after the last treatment.

Going to the official site of the drug, we began to read: “Passing into the body Monastery collection begins to act immediately and effectively.

In contrast to the standard means, which are intended only for temporary relief from external symptoms, the Monastery collection completely cures the body, helping to get rid of pollution and anejaculation even at its last stages.

Natural herbs that are in the composition contribute to the restoration of ejaculation and increases its number, activate the centers of sexual arousal in the spinal cord and brain, stimulate blood circulation, improve fertility, and also eliminate pollutions and prevent the occurrence of relapses.

The sooner you start the treatment; the more effective it will be since the lack of ejaculation or wet precipitation is only the tip of the iceberg. Improper or complete lack of treatment for anejaculation and pollutions can lead to impotence and infertility. ”

It turns out that the doctor deliberately prescribed drugs for me that should not cure me, but only slightly calm my symptoms, and that I should come again for another pack of expensive but useless pills. Business, you know!

On the same site, they made it clear that delaying with treatment under the threat of death, because the consequences could be worse than death: impaired potency, infertility …

But after I learned about the consequences of the wrong treatment, I threw the initiative to hell and began to be treated with this miracle remedy.

Did the miracle help – a way to get rid of problems with an ejaculation?

The result was not long in coming and without any pills. Pollutions stopped bothering instantly, and at the first intercourse after applying the collection (after 2 days), my sperm returned! Potency was completely normalized, which makes my wife very happy (in my opinion, even more than me). I would never have thought that I would be so glad that I had previously considered it a given …

From the wrong time wet disaster in his underpants to complete the norm, only six days passed. But the treatment had to be continued according to the instructions since the manufacturer reported that interrupting the course was no less dangerous than the absence of treatment.

The disease can be in remission and to completely eradicate it; you need to obey the manufacturer, which I did. Moreover, the course is only for 2 weeks.

Since then, half a year has passed, but not a trace remains from the half-rations. Ejaculation is now always on time and even more abundant than before. After some observations, I must say that the potency not only recovered but also became even better! Orgasms we both have now such that we are afraid to disturb the neighbors.

And 2 months after the end of the course, another surprise awaited me … In the kitchen during breakfast, my beloved handed me a positive pregnancy test, so I will soon become a happy father too 🙂

Summarizing, I want to say that problems with ejaculation – the situation is common and merciless. It begins with mild discomfort, covers up with stress or hormonal disruption, and ends with infertility and, at least, impotence.

The reasons for its occurrence mass – from excessive alcohol abuse to the banal overwork.