Orthodontic: Why Do Some Patients Have to Be Orthodontic?


What is Orthodontic?

Orthodontic, as the name suggests, is the orderly arrangement of teeth in the mouth. Improve the patient’s facial appearance, for example, some patients are docile, some patients have sharp teeth, restore occlusal function, make chewing more efficient, correct teeth, jaw, cranial relationship, study the causes of malocclusion, diagnosis, Prevention, treatment, and prognosis.

Why do some patients have to be orthodontic?

This question is, in fact, equivalent to asking what is wrong with malocclusion. Speaking of this, what is wrong jaw deformity? In the process of children’s growth and development, congenital genetic factors or acquired environmental factors, such as diseases, bad habits of the oral cavity, dental replacements, etc.

May also be caused by trauma, periodontal disease and other causes such as the arrangement of teeth after growth and development.

Upper and lower arch occlusal relationship abnormalities, jaw size, and position abnormalities, facial deformity, etc., are referred to as malocclusion. Severe maxillary teeth are not easy to clean, easy to smash, and introverted deep occlusal occlusions can easily cause damage to the temporomandibular joint.

Some patients are unable to even chew, which seriously affects their overall health. Some buried teeth also require orthodontic treatment to aid in pulling out and aligning them to normal positions.

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What are the hazards of malocclusion?

First affect the oral function, for example, patients with open jaw cannot be well occluded, followed by affecting the appearance, now is a beautiful era, people’s influence directly affects the marriage, social and many other aspects.

Affecting the health of the oral cavity, misplaced toothbrushes are not good for brushing, and cannot be brushed. The tooth decays over time. Affected the whole body health, for some patients with serious deformities, increased the patient’s psychological burden and shadow.

What needs to be done before the entire tooth?

The best way to clean the teeth before the entire tooth, to maintain oral hygiene, bad teeth to repair in a timely manner. Some patients with wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth that are not included in the correction need to be removed unless your doctor plans to use your wisdom tooth instead of missing or broken teeth. Extra-toothed teeth generally need to be removed.

What should you watch out for when wearing braces?

Can not bite hard objects, fruit shavings to eat, can not use the front teeth to pick things up, especially large bones, the first few days soreness or even pain, this is the teeth start, generally normal, can tolerate, before meals After the meal, you must brush your teeth carefully to maintain a good oral hygiene.

If something on the teeth should fall off, you should refer to the patient immediately. Do not drag on the teeth. Otherwise, the teeth may be easily deformed.

Why do some patients need post-treatment after treatment?

This situation is generally common in patients with buried teeth or typhoon, especially in patients with escaping to the sky, should first be corrected to cover the sky, the medical term is called anti-occlusal, generally, require two treatments.

Why do doctors have been emphasizing brushing well during orthodontic treatment?

The tooth is moved during orthodontic. If the teeth are not clean during this process, it can easily lead to gingivitis, tooth demineralization, tooth loosening and even shedding.

Why do doctors let some patients hit nails?

The purpose of nailing is to better control the anchorage and to better facilitate orthodontic treatment. The nail is implanted into the maxilla or mandible and implanted under local anesthesia.

The medical term is called implant anchorage. Some patients are unacceptable. In fact, we do not have to worry too much. In the end, we will remove the nails and will not be there all the time.

Why wear retainers after orthodontic treatment?

After orthodontic treatment, it is generally necessary to wear a retainer to keep the teeth up to a new position and to return to their original position. Since the reconstruction of bones and adjacent tissues takes some time, the occlusion balance has not been established.

Orthodontic treatment that exceeds the normal limits of the jaws will result in unstable outcomes. Therefore, in order to avoid recurrence, it is generally necessary to maintain a period of time.

Why is the orthodontic cost so expensive?

Orthodontic treatment is long and the average time is 2-3 years. Orthodontic doctors analyze the etiology of patients, design treatment procedures, and deal with a series of problems in the process of orthodontics, which are extremely complicated, so the cost is naturally expensive.

What kinds of brackets are commonly used for orthodontics?

Orthodontic troughs are commonly divided into ordinary metal brackets, ordinary ceramic troughs, domestic self-locking brackets, imported self-locking troughs, and invisible correction. There is no significant difference in efficacy, and self-locking troughs have a relatively long time for each referral, averaging about 2 months.

The ceramic bracket is transparent, but metal archwire is still used, but it is not as conspicuous as ordinary metal, and the aesthetic effect is slightly better. The use of self-locking troughs is good for tooth brushing and is relatively easy to clean. The effect of stealth correction on aesthetics is small.

It is similar to a transparent retainer. Each visit is a pair of patients. It is necessary for patients with social requirements and those who do not want to touch troughs in the mouth. Invisible correction is the best choice. However, the same cost is much more expensive than ordinary troughs.

Why do other doctors stop seeing after orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics is the long-term treatment process in which doctors and patients cooperate with each other. In this process, parents’ attention and cooperation are also very important.

A doctor’s idea, a treatment plan, which is why the orthodontics began, the doctor will give the patient a face-to-face photo, mouth photo, take a model, shoot a film to collect a series of materials. The middle of the other doctors will not be able to get used to it. This is not only a healing process but also a responsibility issue.



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