But do not despair! If next week you are waiting for the main event of your life, and you feel that you need to lose weight before the wedding, then these simple tips will help you get rid of those annoying 3 kilograms that prevent you from perfectly fit into your wedding dress.

Discard salt

Try to completely abandon salt. Salt retains fluid in the body. If you like everything salty, it can affect the weight and, in the end, ruin everything. Sometimes, we do not notice how our salty snacks lead to bloating. Choose low-sodium snacks and forget about the salt shaker altogether.

Drink more water

Another thing that will help you lose weight before the wedding, and the body to get rid of excess fluids … is water. Wedge wedge, as they say. When your body does not get enough fluid, it tends to hold inside what it has. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. And if you are in the heat or sweat in training, and even more.

Reduce carbohydrate intake

Carbohydrates are essential, and you need them. But an overabundance of harmful carbohydrates can cause your waist to become wider. Aim at healthy complex carbohydrates, such as those found in whole grain products.

If you like bad carbohydrates, such as white bread or cupcakes and donuts, forget about them! This will help you lose the very 3 kg before putting on the dress of your dreams!

Do not eat after dinner

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Try not to eat at night. Often, most of all we eat when we chew on some “snack” in front of the TV.

Try not to go to the kitchen after dinner at all. If you’re starving, have a light snack, such as yogurt or a small cup of butter-free popcorn. This will help you reduce the number of calories consumed.

Physical exercise

Training is a great way to burn off excess. But even if you hate activity and exercise, do not worry – you need to choose what suits you. At least walk every day! And you can dance, sign up for yoga and find many more other useful and active activities.

Count the calories

Have you ever counted calories? Sometimes, we sincerely think that we haven’t eaten anything today, while in fact, we used much more than we intended. If you count every calorie eaten (and drunk!), You will get a clear picture of what you eat every day.

You can do it the old way using a pen and a sheet of paper or try one of the many mobile applications for this purpose. Set realistic goals for yourself every day. Many doctors recommend not to exceed the threshold of 1200 calories per day.

Review stocks of your spices

Spices and seasonings can be a real source of calories. Pay attention to what spices and seasonings accompany your dishes. Try low-calorie options.

For example, mustard instead of mayonnaise and low-fat cheese instead of fat. These small changes will help you feel the difference and lose weight for the wedding.