How to pass a hair follicle drug test home remedies?

Is an imminent drug evidence reason for your nervousness? It’s clear! The rest of his life directly or indirectly affects.

A positive drug test report is considered a serious crime, and your individual life is not only endangered by it, but it also wreaks havoc in your professional life.

If you do not deactivate the evaluation you will break your fantasies of pursuing high studies and results in the revocation of your driver’s license, drivers’ permission before entry and, like most institutes, schools and universities need you to present your report of drug testing. Also, recruiters constantly try to find candidates who have a story that is clean.

There are several home treatments that will help you. However, the seriousness of health, medicine, age and ethnicity are some of the variables that simply determine how long your system will actually decide to try to eliminate toxins.

But before jumping to the home remedies, it’s essential to find out about THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) metabolites. THC metabolites are fat-soluble components. They are stacked in fat cells, when you take medication or smoke. However, when urinating, they leave the human body.

The complete elimination of THC from fat cells is difficult. A drug test is performed to discover the existence or lack of your original drug and metabolites.

Home treatments to urinate and Blood Drug Test

This home remedies is believed to be not bad for the rapid elimination of the metabolites of urine and blood. However, there is no complete confidence that you will be given a negative drug report for the use of the treatments.

1. Water

Hyper saturate the body to dilute the THC metabolites below the amount that is detectable. Then you are definitely wrong in case you believe that the increase in water consumption to get several days or weeks before the test of the drug will work.

You must have at least one gallon or even more water several hours (24 hours) ahead of your drug test. Here, it’s essential to understand a fact. As THC metabolites are not soluble in water, this treatment will not be empty out of the body. It is going to dilute the urine briefly simply.

Diuretics with caffeine could have adverse effects, so, the use of non-caffeinated beverages to swill the body off.

3. Multivitamin complex

Water and diuretics remove the yellowish color of urine, which can increase feelings. To overcome this dilemma, have 100 milligrams of multivitamin B complex 2 hours before the evaluation. B12 or B2 restores the yellowish color of the urine.

4. Exercise

Fats and weight fall inside the body. Because of this, the metabolites of THC stored in the fat cells fall. But if you can do with very little time to prepare for the blood or urine test, this treatment will not work.

You can not reduce your weight. To pass the test, you will have to exercise regularly.

5. Ingestion a Tons of fiber

Fiber front THC metabolites are soluble in two points (not to the bladder). Also, they help increase the body’s metabolism up. The majority of THC will receive should you increase the consumption of high-fiber foods in your daily diet excreted in fecal matter.

Replacement 6. Artificial Pee

Several alternatives pee artificial powder and liquids can be found on the Internet for sale. It is possible for you to establish an order to pass the drug urine test to get them. But, be careful when using them cannot be undetectable.

7. Herbs

Herbs such as red clover, burdock root and chaparral push root act as natural blood cleansers. Prepare the tea from the dried herbs and enjoy it several times a day to pass the drug test in the blood.

Home treatments to pass the hair drug test

8. Lemon Juice

Fill a bucket with water and leave it. The next morning, add it and lemon juice. Clean your hair with this particular water. They detoxify their fibrils and rinse drug metabolites. His treatment is not only ineffective for users of cannabis drugs and rarely cocaine.

9. Romero Shampoo

Rosemary leaves were heat dried in a pot for at least 3 hours with grapeseed oil. Allow the leaves to infuse together with the oil mixture. Do not overheat the oil. Sift this oil in a clean jar.

Allow it to cool to get a night. Massage the scalp with this particular rosemary oil entirely and then rinse the next day. Repeat the process, as necessary. Cafeico and rosmarinic acid in rosemary detoxify the fibrils efficiently.

10. Vinegar

Rinse your fibrils with vinegar. Subsequently, wash with salicylic acid to get rid of dirt and toxins. Ultimately, clean with a detergent.


Note – Salicylic acid I can not penetrate the cuticle and hair cortex to get rid of effective drug metabolites. Therefore, this treatment works exceptionally only for light cannabis drug users.

11. Sea salt

Combine 2 cups of baking soda, 1 cup of sea salt and a cup of apple cider vinegar. Use this mixture to absorb your hair. After 5-7 minutes, rinse with shampoo. Repeat several times.

12. Baking soda

Get a small amount of baking soda and add several globules of water to prepare a paste. Massage the paste on the scalp and hair. Now, dilute the apple cider vinegar in hot water while massaging your scalp and rinse your hair.

Drug metabolites will be washed away by this current treatment. It can increase your chance of passing the hair drug test.

13. Shave to be saved

Just because they can be cut in the act of sabotage you can not have a hair test. The easiest way to escape from this evaluation would be to shave your head and body before hair evaluation.

It can be said that you wanted to experiment using your hairstyle or the thinning of your fibrils bothered, and request for another evaluation.

Home treatments to pass a saliva drug test

It’s easy enough to pass a drug test of saliva. THC metabolites in saliva are washed away -4 days after taking a smoke or any drug. The home remedies you are following will help you qualify for the saliva drug test.

14. Drugs Avoid

Only evade the use of pills completely. Here is the perfect strategy to sift a saliva drug test.

15. toxins

Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice to eliminate toxins. You can even medication with wastes off by participating in physical activities as well as exercises.

16. Aspirin

Take only several aspirins several hours before the drug test. You can camouflage the signs of drug use.

17. Mouthwash

Get a mouthwash cleaning toxins from the retailer online or at your nearby smoke shop and gargle to get at least half an hour or so from it.

18. Red meat

The consumption of red meat protein that is rich normalizes the creatinine rates in the body. They have it 3 days before the scheduled evaluation.

Myths related to passing the drug test

1. Niacin

Most people believe that the niacin eliminates THC metabolites in their system. However, the truth is the fact that it helps detoxify the body but does not entirely remove THC metabolites. Also, an excessive amount of niacin consumption causes vomiting and nausea.

2. Vinegar

It is a mistake to think that when you add your urine and vinegar sample, THC metabolites will be reduced below the degree of detection. The truth is, it will change the pH of the urine that fails the evaluation.

3. Bleach

Many people assume that they can erase the drug test when they add their sample and bleach or drink. It is impossible to have any impact on your THC metabolites and drinking chlorine may result in the leakage.

4. The goldenseal

Then you must update your knowledge in case you consider that the golden seal will help clear a urine test for the pot. This herb is useless for you.

5. Pectin

Jam and jellies include pectin. This is a mistaken belief that this material maintains by forming a protective layer in the abdomen, the THC to enter the urinary tract. Here, you should know about the truth that the intestine is passed through metabolites; the kidneys are passed through them. Therefore, it will not work.

6. Visine

In the case of adding Visine to its metabolites in sample urine, it can be eliminated. It is exactly what all people suppose. However, the fact is something else! Visine will foam your samples safely, which will undoubtedly show that you have tried to nail on your drug test.

7. Ammonia

The inclusion of ammonia will not help you out. It will alter the amount of pH that is urine when it is examined for adulterants, and you can easily get found.

8. Salt

Then, perish this, however, if you are thinking of passing the drug test with the addition of salt to your sample. It is impossible to find wholly dissolved in the example.

At the end of the cup, you see for that reason. Also, the specific gravity increases to a certain extent that is outside the normal range of the body. In case of being analyzed for the adulterant, you are going to fail.

9. Drain-O

Don’t dare to include Draino for his urine sample, as they provide a bluish tone to him, revealing that he has added adulterant and will alter the pH level.

10. Dexatrim

A myth related to the consumption of phenylpropanolamine (an active ingredient of Dexatrim) before the drug test is the fact that it will help to falsify the sample. I can not do anything.


  • Do not try any home remedy that calls for the ingestion of something dangerous. For example, the consumption of cleaning products for the home, for the interest of cleaning the drug test may result in the output.
  • A drug test is considered a crime in some states can also lead to civil/criminal penalties. Therefore, before attempting any treatment, first, understand the local laws.