How to Lose Beer Belly Quickly a Simple Way

How to Lose Beer Belly?

How to lose beer belly? with the continuous development of society, people’s living standards have been increasing.

Everyday life is becoming more and more simplified, and more and more people have had a beer belly. So how do you lose beer belly?

A Reasonable Exercise

Aerobic exercise is the basis for the consumption of fat because this exercise can speed up metabolism.

The best aerobic exercise includes stairs, jogging, running and cycling. Researchers believe that within 20 to 30 minutes after the aerobic exercise.

the body’s caloric consumption rate is still much faster than usual, and this kind of exercise is the quickest how to lose beer belly.

how to lose beer belly

A Reasonable Diet

If the body ingests more calories than it consumes, excess calories stored as fat.

Yet, studies have shown that not all the calories consumed will make people gain weight, and the main ones that work will be fat.

If fat provides 25% of the calories, then men’s daily fat intake should not exceed 66 grams, women cannot exceed 53 grams.

how to lose beer belly

Beer Belly Causes

Many people will associate beer belly fat with beer. In fact, it is unreasonable to associate drinking beer with gaining weight.

Beer can produce a higher calorific value, which is mainly due to the alcohol composition and other extract nutrients.

Due to the different kinds of beer, there is a difference in the number of calories, such as about 160 kcal calories in Dafeng Jiafeng Beer and 90 kcal calories in leachables, which is about one-fifth of calories a day for normal people.

Beer does not contain high fat that makes the body fat, so drinking beer itself will not make people fat.

Yet, it is worth mentioning that beer has a role in promoting the secretion of gastric juice in the human body and can increase appetite.

When drinking beer, it is hard to say whether they eat high-calorie dishes and increase fat absorption.

Therefore, unrestrained overeating is the real cause of human obesity.

How to Prevent a Beer Belly?

Try to eat starchy foods first, If you try to eat some carbohydrates(main foods, miscellaneous grains as good foods) as much as possible during dinner.

You can reduce the waste generated in the body, protect the stomach, liver, pancreas and other internal organs, but also reduce high fat, high protein, high salt The harm of dishes to the body can also reduce the incidence of gout.

It is also a good idea to eat some starchy foods during the meal, such as sweet corn and potatoes.

Drink soup before meals and do not eat cold drinks after meals. Eat low-fat, high-moisture, large-volume foods.

Such as appetizing soups and refreshing salads before meals to prevent overheating and avoid obesity.

Do not eat cold fruits or drinks after meals, to avoid excessive gastrointestinal contraction, affecting digestion and absorption, and even stomach pains.

Do not persuade alcohol, alcohol, and avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

When choosing beverages, avoid sweet drinks such as Coke, which have low nutritional value and high-calorie content, and replace them with fresh fruit juices, various teas, and yogurt.

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Beer Belly Hazard

How to lose Beer belly affects not only the image but also the health threat. Abdominal fat differs from the fat in other parts of the body.

Abdominal fat molecules can enter the blood as free fatty acids and enter the liver directly with blood flow.

When there are too much free fatty acid molecules in the liver, it will turn into low-density lipo-protein and flow with the blood to the heart, lungs, and arteries.

Among them, a part of low-density lipo-protein turns into harmful cholesterol, which induces cardiovascular disease. There may be a potential risk of high cholesterol in the body.

If the waist circumference is equal to or exceeds the hip circumference, the risk is greater that obesity is the cause of other diseases.

Obese people have too much caloric intake so that the body tissues use less sugar.

In the helplessness, the pancreatic islets can only secrete more insulin to promote the use of sugar supplement, but this often does not work.

And eventually, the blood sugar will higher than the normal level, that obese people produce insulin resistance 100%, and development is diabetes.

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