How to Increase the Quantity and Quality of Sperm?

When the man’s sperm count is reduced, the chance of having children is significantly reduced. However, do not despair, because there are many ways to solve this problem. How to increase sperm count?

Identify the cause – then act

First of all, without fail consult your doctor and hand over the necessary tests.

Follow the instructions of a specialist. In the absence of health problems, pay attention to your lifestyle. It will have to be corrected. So, how to increase the level of sperm and do it without drugs, which, even if they help, but still not without possible unpleasant side effects? Perform the following steps.

  1. Stop drinking and smoking. Yes, these habits, if any, will have to be left far behind. Do you think smoking and alcohol do not affect the sperm count? You are mistaken! Cigarettes and alcohol reduce not only the amount of sperm but also its quality. But energy drinks with taurine or caffeine have no negative effect on men’s health, as many might think. Of course, you should not abuse them, because they do not benefit the body and weaken the nervous system.
  2. Start controlling your diet. What does it mean? Reduce the percentage of fat in the diet and include more protein foods. Vegetables, whole grains must be present. Choose in favor of environmentally friendly, non-treated chemicals.

Zinc-rich foods enhance sperm quality. This is a fish, chicken, beans. Also included in the diet foods containing vitamin C, due to which sperm “accelerates” and their overall quality improves. Also, orange juice has vitamin B9, which increases the number of sperm.

From soy products that benefit women’s health, a man is recommended to refuse. They lower sperm production. It also concerns fructose, if you consume it above the measure.

Studies have confirmed that the number of sperm in men who regularly consume cola is 30% lower than in those who eat correctly.

Take amino acids. They are in protein supplements. Pay particular attention to L-carnitine. The fatty acids with which it is rich increase the concentration of sperm and the overall quality of sperm. L-carnitine is also found in red meat and milk.

What other foods and supplements should be included in the diet? Omega 3 is the best way to make sperm more flexible and mobile. Nuts and sesame contain L-arginine, which improves men’s health. Milk and fish are rich in calcium, which is necessary to improve the quality of sperm. Garlic causes blood flow to the genitals due to the substance allicin contained therein. A positive effect can be expected from eating ginseng, goji berries, bananas.

Weight monitoring is important! Excess or lack of weight can adversely affect the balance of hormones, and the violation of this balance – the viability of sperm. Therefore, control your pressure. Exercise will help keep you fit. When playing sports, use the suspension – a special bag that protects the testicles from injury.

What should be discarded

  1. From tight linen. It constricts the testicles, which is not the best effect on sperm. Wear loose, light underpants.
  2. From overheating of the testicles. They should be cool because in this state their productivity increases. So hot tubs are taboo. Sleeping without underwear is useful.
  3. From the bike. During the ride, a pressure is exerted on the genitals, which does not increase the number of spermatozoa – but reduces fertility.
  4. From steroids. They increase the muscles, but for the testicles, the effect is the opposite. Therefore it is better to abandon them.
  5. From stress. Overwork at work, constant fatigue and lack of sleep will negatively affect the state of the whole organism. Therefore, relax more. Sleep at least 8 hours a day.
  6. From lubricants during sex. They contain substances that limit the movement of sperm. Therefore, it is better to use natural substitutes.
  7. From radioactive and toxic substances. If your work is related to them, protect your skin. If possible, discard medical procedures related to radiation.
  8. From frequent ejaculations. With a low sperm count, the frequency of sexual intercourse should be reduced to allow sperm to accumulate.

What else can help solve the problem?

In addition to the necessary recommendations, you can try another effective way, which is also very pleasant. Do body massage with essential oils. This procedure will improve the blood circulation in the body, which means the formation of new sperm in sufficient quantities.

Can help and proper old folk methods. For example, taking royal jelly, which stimulates the production of viable spermatozoa, is considered to be extremely useful. Take this tool in half a teaspoon on an empty stomach after waking up.

Prepare also broth hips or root devyasila. Be sure to consult with your doctor before using their folk remedies.

As a rule, during a year with such a better lifestyle, spouses make attempts to conceive a child. If there is no effect, then treatment with special preparations is selected.

To increase the number of sperm requires an integrated approach. Only by changing the lifestyle in general, you will achieve the desired effect. Be healthy!