How to Grow Hair Faster in a Month?

The hair follicle is a complex structure containing a root, muscles, glands, blood vessels, nerve receptors, and other parts. This small body is responsible for the formation, condition and growth rate of hair on the head and body of the person.

It is not clear how many centimeters your locks grow per day, only for you, especially during a month or a year. The following factors influence:

  • heredity;
  • work of sebaceous and sweat glands;
  • the state of the nervous, hormonal and other systems;
  • food, bad habits.

Each hair follicle on the head lives its own life, corresponding to its stage of development. Researchers recognize that most of them are constantly involved in the active production of new hair.

Therefore, the formation of developing hair cells is much faster than similar processes in any other organ. Bone marrow tissue can only compete.

The rate of hair growth

In terms of how fast your hair grows on your head, many laboratories of the world have worked. Joint efforts have shown average indicators on age, gender and ethnicity.

Hair growth index value table:

  • per month – 1.2-1.5 cm;
  • annual growth 15-16 cm
  • from 15 to 30 – up to 15 mm;
  • from 35 to 50 – up to 10 mm;
  • older than 50 – 0, 5 cm
  • Europeans – 1.2-1.5 cm

In winter, against the background of a shortage of vitamins, the increase in the curls slows down

Judging from the data given in the table, it can be concluded that the growth of hair on the head is not always fast and uniform, depends on various factors.

  • The longest hair grows in the Negroid race;
  • the maximum rate of growth is observed among Chinese, Japanese and other Asian nations;
  • knowing the data by month or daily intervals, you can count on the number of cm per year of hair growing on the head of a child or adult;
  • The best weather in the season can be influenced by the weather during the warm seasons.

Is the rate of hair growth in men and women different?

Cell regeneration occurs every 4-5 years. With stronger genital hair on the head, it is updated every two years, so they often notice periods of hair loss. In the body of a woman, the changes occur on the hormonal background. An imbalance may depend on irregularities in menstruation, menopause, pregnancy or the use of contraceptives.

If you compare all the factors, the application suggests itself. The growth rate in women is not different, because healthy headbands irrespective of gender will be strengthened equally.

A normal hair life cycle

How to Grow Hair Faster in a Month?

The production of cells in the vesicle is divided into various stages of development. The entire period, including the beginning and until the moment of loss, is the life cycle of every single hair. On it, you can learn everything about the growth, the speed of extension, the condition of the curls, and the floor.

The main stages of the hair life cycle.

  1. Anagen – active and the longest period of development and growth, is on average from 2 to 4-6 years. At this stage, the curls grow endlessly.
  2. Catagen – the regression period lasts about 15-21 days, during which time the cell division is suspended, and the scales are suppressed. The stem begins to move into the upper layers of the epidermis.
  3. Telogen – the last phase of the cycle, in which the growth stops first and then it turns away. The border lasts 3-4 months. The stem is still supported by the bulb, but then the stitch is lost, and the new cell is born.

Hair growth for a year, two or several years, their length is proportional to the life cycle. It means that if it is prolonged, it is easy to grow a braid below the waist. In the short cycle, on the contrary, you need to forget about the development of long hair.

Addiction to external factors

Chemistry and the environment can be both beneficial and negative for the structure of the scalp.

  • Direct sunlight, solarium, dry air in the steam room, dry the hair, causing its fragility and porosity;
  • Overheating of the head during hot weather can disrupt the secretion of sebaceous glands;
  • frost – hypothermia leads to weakening of blood circulation, slowing of growth, loss of luster, loss of hair;
  • poor ecology – exposure to radioactive rain or radiation often causes baldness;
  • care – the improper selection of shampoo, balm or conditioner for head washing causes irritation, dandruff, allergies, disrupts fat balance;
  • Image experiments – successive dyeing, aggressive waving or daily hot laying lead to a destruction of the scalp structure.
  • In the warm season you can quickly grow the right length;
  • short hairstyles in the winter season remain in good shape for a long time;
  • in a region with a humid climate hair on the head grows at a speed that is referred to as “yeast”;
  • good shampoos, balms or masks increase the length; curls become shiny and healthy;
  • A sensible approach to changing colors or taking pictures will make the image look stylish without disturbing the structure of the curls.

Addiction to human health

The hair has very sensitive organic skin, reacting strongly to any internal disturbance. Causes that can negatively affect the structure, deterioration of the hearing head.

  1. Age changes – the closer you get to old age, the slower the increase in curls on your head.
  2. Hormonal disorders – on the background of the patient’s thyroid gland, menopause, menstruation, use of contraception, pregnancy, the hair life cycle is disrupted.
  3. Emotional overload – stress, shock, depression, neurosis, constant anxiety, phobias, sleep disorders can cause different types of baldness.
  4. Diseases – chronic pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, circulatory system, viruses or infections have a pronounced effect on the growth and condition of the curls.
  5. Due to a shortage of essential vitamins, minerals, and minerals, the hair becomes weak, loses elasticity, abandons itself, increases the slowing down.
  6. An unbalanced diet can affect your health, face or scalp and grow back.
  7. Lifestyle – addiction to alcohol, drugs, smoking, violation of the work and rest regime reflect the state of growth.

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Real ways to increase the rate of growth

Ways of accelerating hair growth:

  • procedures aimed at activating hair follicles;
  • folk remedies;
  • solving internal problems.

Vitamins and trace elements

The healthy appearance and speed of hair growth depend on the body’s saturation with useful substances.

The following tools are the most effective.

  1. Bioadhesives with a high content of calcium, selenium, zinc, magnesium, beta-carotene, chromium and other elements.
  2. Vitamins B1, B6, B7, B12, D, retinol (A), tocopherol (E), ascorbic acid (C) – activate hair growth. Renew cells, fill them with oxygen, moisturize, nourish split ends, remove dryness and brittleness.
  3. Complexes – Alerana, Pantovigar, Perfectil, Minoxidil actively stimulate bulbs.

High-quality food

A balanced diet, enriched with fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, beans, will fill the lack of useful substances.

To stimulate hair growth, nutritionists recommend incorporating fiber-rich foods into the daily menu:

  • curd, yogurt, yogurt enrich the body with calcium;
  • sea fish, especially salmon – omega-3 source, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B12;
  • turkey, chicken, pork, beef – its keratin, the main component of hair, accelerate growth;
  • bran, cereals – they contain a lot of micronutrients;
  • vegetables, fruits, vegetables – real vitamin storage.

Recipes for hair masks at home

Folk remedies with warming effects that are most effective in accelerating the growth of curls. Strengthen blood circulation in the scalp, actively stimulating the work of hair bulbs.

The provisions of “burning” masks to be carried out at home should contain irritating ingredients:

  • pepper tincture + olive oil in equal parts;
  • Onions – juice from 1 head mixed with honey in a 1: 1 ratio;
  • Mustard – 1 tablespoon. l. powder + 1 teaspoon. sugar + a small amount of water;
  • other recipes for ginger, beer, cinnamon, cognac, bodjag, yeast, gelatin, nicotinic acid.

How effective are hair growth stimulating masks, you can learn from positive opinions. After using powerful means, the curls grow at twice the normal rate. It should be extremely accurate in the use of “sharp” hair masks, strictly adhere to the pattern and aging time. Irritation is possible to burn.

Head and neck massage

Regular relaxing treatments have a huge impact on hair:

  • massaging facilitates the penetration of nutrients into the deep layers of the epidermis;
  • tones the scalp;
  • increased blood flow and better growth;
  • massage prevents the appearance of pathogens, fungi, infections;
  • The treatment has a beneficial effect on the well-being and condition of the curls.

The opinion of a trichologist – is it possible to accelerate hair growth

From the specialists’ point of view, slow regrowth or loss of curls has two causes. It is a genetic trait or failure of the hair growth phase, which is always a consequence of internal problems.

In this case, the impact will be not only incorrect but also illiterate. An integrated approach is needed with an identification of the cause, its solution and the inclusion of supporting measures. For example, proper nutrition, vitamins, and exercise affect growth no less productive than masks or treatments in the salon.

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Hair growth rate: what affects and how to speed up

Trying to become the owner of a beautiful head, the woman is looking for different paths on the road to perfection. She worries her and the speed of hair growth. In the end, it affects how quickly curls can become long and what should be done to strengthen the process of hair follicles. How fast does the hair grow on the head and how to extend it faster?

Hair life cycle

The hair is a rod whose outer part consists of a natural protein – keratin, located in the form of overlapping scales. The inner side is the root that grows out of the hair follicles (tubers).

Hair growth on the head goes through several main phases:

  • Anagen. It is called the growth phase. It is the time when both the root and the hair are formed. It passes 6 stages lasting from 2 to 6 years. At this time, the bulb grows firmly into the epidermis and surrounds the blood vessel containing the blood vessels. He is responsible for the speed of hair growth in men and women;
  • Catagen (regression). At this point, the wart is atrophied, the hair bulb ceases to divide into cells, keratinization occurs, and the hair begins to slowly move towards the upper ball of the epidermis. The duration of such a phase is up to three weeks;
  • Telogen (rest phase). At this stage, hair dying and falling. As a rule, it is removed under the mechanical influence: combing, slight vibration. Every day, a person loses about 50-100 telogen hair (in older people, 100-200 hair is the norm). And in their place new (anagen phase) begin to grow. The duration of such a period is up to three months.

If we divide the existing hair head into phases, then on average the head of a healthy human will find up to 90% of the anagen formations, 1 to 2% of catagen and about 15% – telogen. And the update (transition of all phases) in the whole life is on average 25 times. Read more about the phases of hair growth.

An interesting fact: The duration of a full cycle consisting of three phases influences the possible length. The longer it lasts, the longer the stems grow. And if the cycle is short, it will be difficult to grow a braid to the waist.

In addition to active bubbles in reserve there are also “sleeping” bulbs, the number of which is twice as large as the active ones. Their task – to demonstrate activity in the event of an abundant loss.

Features of the head of a woman and a man

The rate of hair growth on the head in men is slightly different from the speed of women. For a month the man’s hearing head can grow to 2-15 mm, female to 15-20 mm. But regeneration (phase transition) in men is faster.

How fast do you grow hair on your head?

How many centimeters a year of hair grows – depends on individual characteristics. All of these indicators determine the average increase in bands or the norm.

  • For 1 day the curling increases by 0.35 mm;
  • hair per month, respectively, grow, about 1 cm;
  • and hair growth for a year usually reaches an index of up to 15 cm.

Young hair also grows up to 15 mm per month in young people, up to 13 and older children up to 0.5 cm. They develop the fastest in the period from 15 to 30 years.

Such values vary depending on the breed:

  • In Africa, hair growth per month is 0.27 mm. It is because the threads are twisted into a spiral;
  • How many centimeters cm per month grows with Asians? Up to 1.5 cm and more. They are record holders among owners of thick and beautiful long hair.

Addiction to natural factors

The average speed of hair growth depends on such circumstances:

  • Season. In the summer, hair grows by 20-30% faster. It is due to the high temperature of the air. Circulation improves, bubbles develop better;
  • Genetics. The activity of bulbs depends on heredity;
  • Time of day. At night, the curls “rest.”

Impact of adverse factors

Nature has made sure that the listener’s head is growing to the maximum. Therefore, if your hair grows with incomplete strength, you need to find out what the reason is:

  • Stress. Frequent nerve shocks slow the development of bulbs;
  • chemical effects: dyeing, perm;
  • hormonal background, which is broken due to thyroid diseases, hormonal drugs, pregnancy, stress;
  • diseases: chronic, acute;
  • malnutrition: spicy, fried salty foods and fast food;
  • lack of micro and macro elements, vitamins;
  • Poor blood circulation. It is influenced by smoking, excessive consumption of caffeine, walking without a cap in the cold season;
  • ecology.

Attention, please! Trichologists have proved that after dying/coiling the growth rate drops by 0.5 cm per month.

How to increase the growth rate

Trying to find out how to increase the speed of hair growth, it is worth taking into account the problem you should approach complexly: treat sticks from the outside and the inside.

All external activities, in this case, will affect the curls that are undergoing anagen.

Internal stimulants

To actively work on the hair follicles, care should be taken:

  • Proper nutrition. The diet should be cereals, vegetables, fruits, legumes, dairy products, eggs, fish, meat, nuts, yeast. We recommend reading what foods stimulate hair growth;
  • Regular sports. They improve the activity of all body functions, including hair follicles;
  • enough liquids;
  • Receiving the right amount of vitamins. It is especially important to eat enough vitamins from the group: E, A, C, B. To do this, you can drink the right drugs. It is also useful to use pharmaceutical yeast, fish oil. We offer you the most effective vitamin complexes for hair growth.

External stimulants

The external factors that positively influence the hair include:

  • uhodovaya cosmetics. It should be properly selected: without acids, silicones, parabens, on a natural basis. Brush your head preferably no more than three times a week;
  • Head massage. It stimulates the blood circulation and, as a result, the growth of bulbs. Enhance the action of essential oils, rub into the skin;
  • The best folk remedies for hair growth. Homemade masks help strengthen the roots and increase blood flow. The agents with natural stimuli are particularly effective: pepper, ginger, onion, nicotinic acid. Burdock oil is also used;
  • Peeling. Once a week, you can massage with salt, soda and coconut oil with light movements. It will remove the pores and improve the oxygen flow to the skin;
  • special agents – growth promoters: Panto-vigil, Minoxidil, Vichy Decros NEOGENIC, “Horsepower” shampoo, Renaxil Loreal Homme and so on.

Additional tips

Secrets of beautiful hair:

  • Limit the use of a hair dryer and other thermal tools.
  • Minimize the use of drawers: lacquers, foams and so on. And if you use, rinse as soon as possible.
  • Combs hair several times a day.
  • Dilute the shampoo with rosemary water and wash the head in the usual way. The broth is prepared as follows: a glass of dried rosemary is poured into a glass of boiling water and insists.
  • To finish washing your head by rinsing with cool (not cold) water. This method activates the work of hair follicles.
  • Satisfy yourself. In the dream, the hair is restored, and regeneration takes place, which means that the threads will be healthier and more active.
  • Protect your hair from UV and frost.
  • Do not block access to a good blood supply: give up tight hair, wigs, tight hats, elastic bands, and high heels.

Important! To understand how long luxury braids grow and what measures will be the most effective, you need to discover a cause that can disrupt the natural functions of hair follicles.

It is necessary to eliminate the existing problem and approach it comprehensively, receiving treatment and care (both outside and inside).

But when it comes to increasing the number of threads, it is necessary to obtain support and advice from a specialist who will propose an optimal course to achieve the result. It is especially important when choosing medications adapted to individual needs.