How to Get Rid of Lines on Neck?

It is not the face and not her eyes that speak about the age of a woman, but the tender neck and decollete zone. Why does the skin of the neck so quickly deteriorate and fold? How to remove wrinkles on the neck and deal with changes to remain young and beautiful as long as possible?

Millions of women all over the world spend vast sums of money to preserve their beauty and youth, visiting specialized salons and buying expensive cosmetic products.

For the most part, they seek to preserve the freshness and smoothness of the skin of the face, undeservingly forgetting about the delicate neck.

But after all, the first decollete zone acquires wrinkles and becomes flabby, giving out the actual age of the hostess.

And the remnants of wrinkle cream, which she got after the facial treatment, does not at all save the situation. Is it possible to return the youth of his neck? We learn what cosmetologists think about this.

Modern cosmetologists are sure that wrinkles on any part of the body have no relation to heredity! It is all about the lifestyle, diet and the presence (or absence) of proper skin care.

As proof of this, experts cite the results of a sociological survey, in which Russian and French women took part – after all, as is well known, ladies in France remain fresh longer than our compatriots.

It turned out that French girls start to follow the neck from the age of 15 because it is terrible to be afraid of losing their beauty and smooth skin.

And in Russia, a woman has a craving for the search for anti-aging products only by the age of 25-30, when the first wrinkles are already beginning to appear.

At the same time, there are almost 40 reasons for Russians not to look after themselves, and this is an order of magnitude more than French women.

Laziness, bad habits, distrust of cosmetics manufacturers … it is worth adding to this an unhealthy diet, inattention to posture and sleeping on high pillows – here you have a loose neck up to 40 years old!

It is worth mentioning the fact that the fragile neck itself first takes the blows of age. The skin in this area is practically devoid of fat and contains a small number of melanocytes, which are opposed to harmful UV rays.
This explains the increased dryness of the skin in the décolleté area and wrinkling of the surface during excessive tanning. This place is quickly manifested lack of nutrition and hydration, affects dehydration or poor diet.

But not everything is so wrong, simple prevention methods and recommendations of cosmetologists will help to prevent the aging process in the décolleté and neck. In this case, women do not have to resort to radical methods such as beauty shots or plastic surgery.


Simple rules will help to remove unpleasant folds and the effect of sagging “collar” on the delicate neck:

  • Get rid of bad habits that adversely affect the skin of the neckline. These include alcohol abuse, smoking, frequent visits to the solarium or the beach in the summer.
  • Harmful activities include love for reading while lying down, sleeping on pillows too high, and the habit of tilting your head when walking or working at a computer.
  • Excessive consumption of fast carbohydrates harms not only the neck but also the whole body, so refrain from gatherings with sweets and buns at work.
  • As far as possible, balance the diet and try to comply with the regime. Fast food and other junk food will have to say no!
  • Drink a sufficient amount of fluid – at least 1.5 liters per day. We are talking about clean drinking water – tea, juice, compotes do not count! Do not forget that the daily rate of the fluid varies depending on lifestyle, weather conditions and other factors.
  • When buying a new product for the face do not forget to buy a wrinkle cream on the neck and in the decollete area. This should be a specialized product designed specifically for gentle zones. In a pinch, you can use a moisturizer for the face.
  • Do not forget about gymnastics and massage! Much more effective these methods work as a means of prevention. Everyone knows that it is easier to prevent a problem than to solve it.


Specialists in the field of cosmetology made calculations – just 12 minutes a day spent on the neck, allow you to get rid of unwanted folds in this area.

Of course, deep cervical ” reliefs ” will not disappear right away. But to prevent their appearance or reduce the intensity of wrinkles is entirely within the power of every woman. What can be done in 12 minutes?


You can perform simple exercises that increase elasticity and elasticity in the décolleté area, even during breaks at work. They do not require special physical skills or special equipment, while they are useful, almost instantly eliminating transverse folds. Moreover, such exercises are also helpful for the face.

To achieve a stable and reliable effect, it is necessary to engage in cervical gymnastics at least 2-3 times a week:

  • Tilt your head back and relax. Hold this position. Extend the lower lip and try to cover the upper lip with it. Feel your neck muscles tighten and wrinkles disappear. Perform the exercise 2-3 times.
  • Gymnastics for the neck, invented by ballerinas. Put your fists under your chin, while at the same time try to move your head down, as if offering yourself resistance. This exercise helps strengthen the muscles of the neck and lower face.


Contrary to popular belief, to obtain high-quality and compelling message is not necessary to contact a specialist. An independent neck massage for wrinkles at home also has a right to exist.

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Let him not immediately give visible results, but over time the skin will become more elastic and smooth:

  • Take a comfortable position – lying or half-sitting. It is essential that the neck is not strained.
  • Apply to the skin moisturizer – cream or massage oil.
  • Heat the skin slightly by gently stroking the neck.
  • Swipe your fingers several times from the tips of your ears to your chest.
  • Walk on the neck with your fingertips. Movements must be tapping.
  • Smooth the surface of the neckline with the back of your hand.
  • Pay attention to the neck from the back.

When conducting an independent massage, it is also essential to observe the principle of “no harm.” Any actions like tweaks or dynamic friction should be excluded.

To achieve positive results and avoid serious injuries, pain and discomfort should not be allowed. Massage should give only a pleasant relaxation and peace.


Beneficial smoothing properties, along with massage and gymnastics, have various covers and wraps created from products in the refrigerator according to favorite recipes.

Natural ingredients will cost much less than cream from a cosmetic store. At the same time, the skin will avoid the influence of dangerous synthetic compounds from industrial products.

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There are many recipes, but protein sizing and a mask for neck and decollete against banana wrinkles are the most popular :

  • For a banana mask, mash the flesh of one banana with a pair of linseed and rose oil drops. Apply the mixture to the neck area and leave for a few minutes. Wash off with warm water.
  • Protein sizing is a procedure that is required at least once a month. It helps the neck to remember the condition when it was elastic and taut. Use your favorite moisturizer and apply egg white on top of it. The mask should be plentiful! Wait for it to dry and go to sleep. It is not necessary to wash off – the protein should peel off by itself.

The neck and décolleté area is the calling card of the girl and the object of desire of men.

It is necessary to give the skin in this area a sufficient amount of time to remain young and beautiful as long as possible. Remember these few simple home procedures and forget about wrinkles!

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