How to Get Marijuana Out of Urine?

The use of cannabis or marijuana contributes to the launch of specific chemical processes in the internal organs. Many people who are not familiar with the influence of such substances on the human body mistakenly believe that the effect of drugs on the body ends with the end of the intoxicating effect.

However, the substances contained in the “grass,” reacting with enzymes, lead to the formation of specific metabolites, which are easily identified with a particular approach.

To identify the fact of the use of narcotic substances for analysis, samples are taken: blood, saliva, urine, and even feces. In this regard, the issue of quickly removing cannabinoids from the body, for some people is most acute.

Factors affecting drug excretion

How to Get Marijuana Out of Urine?

Before you talk about, quickly remove cannabis from the body, you need to pay attention to the body’s response to this substance.

The fact is that, depending on certain factors, instead of a pleasant and relaxing effect, a person receives strong problems, both physiological and mental.

Along with the deterioration of health comes a sense of fear and panic attacks. The following factors affect the rate of elimination of marijuana from the body:

Metabolic rate. On the rate of metabolism in the body of nutrients is influenced by many factors. The main of them is considered to be the degree of physical activity, diet, and lifestyle. Heredity plays a decisive role in the matter of metabolic rate.

Because the rate of exchange of nutrients for each person is individual, it is not possible to say how long it will take to remove the drug.

There are many techniques and ways to remove marijuana from the body quickly, but you need to understand that the minimum period for this process is one month.

Weight. Another essential role in this matter is played by the mass of the human body. If a person suffers from obesity, the substances formed by the use of marijuana will be removed from the body much longer. The reason for this phenomenon, the property of cannabinoids accumulate in body fat.

Also, it is necessary to take into account the duration of the use of drugs. The more regularly this happens, the more toxins are deposited in the internal organs.

When the body does not have time to get rid of all harmful substances, repeated use of marijuana can slow down this process.

It is also important to consider how to use this product. To date, there are many methods of using marijuana and its analogs.

To most accurately answer the question about the removal of drugs from the body, you need to know what drug was used, the duration of its use and the degree of its influence on the body.

How is the presence of marijuana metabolites in the body?

The popularity of the issue to quickly remove cannabinol from the urine is because it is urine that is taken for analysis to detect the fact of drug use.

The method of this analysis is so effective that it allows you to identify the fact of use after a few weeks reliably.

Therefore, before passing such tests, it is essential to know about the factors that have an impact on the duration of the period of marijuana in the body.

First of all, this is because the drug can accumulate in certain tissues of the human body. In this regard, the intake of substances into the circulatory system is quite slow, which increases the duration of filtration of these substances by the kidneys.

How to get marijuana out of urine?

How to Get Marijuana Out of Urine?

The problem of how to quickly remove traces of marijuana, cannabis or hashish from the body is significant for overcoming addiction.

It should be understood that even a single use of such substances leaves its mark in the body, even several weeks after the first use of “weed,” its traces are easily detected in the urine.

The advantages of using this research method include the following factors:

  • the possibility of taking samples for research, being far from the laboratory
  • the simplicity of the method of collecting samples
  • no need for special training.

Also, the test results are authentic in ninety-five percent of cases.

For the test results to be most accurate, it is necessary to adhere to a particular framework. The container for collecting the liquid should be a special container, which is sold only in pharmacies. Such containers should have a tight-fitting lid so that no impurities get into the material under study.

After collecting the materials, you need to send him to research immediately. If there is no such possibility, it is allowed to freeze the container in the refrigerator, but for a period not exceeding thirty-six hours.

To identify narcotic substances in the composition of urine, two main methods are used.
The first technique gives a result within fifteen minutes. For this purpose, special test strips are immersed in a container with liquid. When cannabinoids are contained in the urine, the color of this strip changes.

The disadvantage of this technique is that it can prove the presence in the urine of narcotic substances, but it does not show the degree and quantity of the drug.

The results of this method do not consider the court and other authorities that require a drug test.

The second technique is more accurate in the results, but it is worth the large financial costs. Using it, you can identify the exact concentration of cannabinoid in the urine and use it during trials. To confirm or deny the fact of using marijuana, it may take at least a day.

It is also important to understand that the fact of detection in the urine of various products associated with narcotic substances is not enough to speak about the presence of dependence. To diagnose this disease, additional measures and consultation of specialists in this matter are necessary.

Other ways to detect marijuana

To properly clean the body of marijuana, you need to know not only about the effect of the primary substances of the “weed,” but also about how to detect its presence in the body.

Primarily, saliva is used to identify the drug. Of course, this method is considered a bit outdated, but this does not affect its effectiveness at all. The similar method is used when a fast check of the person on the fact of the use of drugs is necessary. In most cases, this is due to professional activity.

To collect the studied material does not need to have certain skills. This leads to the fact that such tests can be carried out at any convenient time. To know the result, take a few days of waiting.

A blood test is also used to detect the presence of products contained in marijuana in the body. This research method is considered to be ineffective, as cannabinoids quickly leave the bloodstream. Reliable talk about the use of marijuana is possible only if the analysis was taken a few days after use. In other cases, the use of this method of research is impractical.

The analysis of hair follicles is the best and accurate test for the use of narcotic drugs. With this method, you can find traces of marijuana, even a few months after eating the “grass.”

When there is a need for research?

Many research methods are used to ensure that the body is cleared of the accumulation of harmful substances. This is a very important step for people who are trying to fight their addiction. Also, the need for such tests may be due to the following situations.

Trial. When a person is suspected of violating the law, he is required to undergo drug tests. Each of the narcotic substances, including marijuana, has a strong influence on man’s behavior and character. The need to use psychotropic drugs often pushes the addict to crimes.

Accident. In a situation involving an accident, each of its participants is obliged to take a test not only for alcohol in the blood but also for drugs. If you have been using marijuana, then driving must be abandoned for a few weeks. Every driver who has a habit of indulging in “weed” should know how to get marijuana out of urine.

Professional activity. There are many professions whose attendants pass such tests from time to time.

Ways to quickly cleanse the body

It is important to understand that getting rid of the products contained in marijuana in one day does not work. But to shorten this period is quite realistic. To do this, you need to activate the metabolism and make it work several times faster.

First of all, it concerns physical activity. Loads have a positive effect on the rate of circulation of various substances throughout the body. Combining trips to the gym with a visit to the baths can accelerate the duration of marijuana removal from the urine for several days.

During this period, you need to diversify the diet of various vegetables and fruits. These products are rich in alkali, which helps eliminate harmful toxins from the fat folds. Meat and dairy products should be discarded for several weeks.

Drinking fluids have nothing to do with the rate of toxin elimination, so drinking plenty of water does not make much sense. It is possible to get rid of toxins with the help of special preparations, but before using them, you need to get recommendations from doctors.

Remember that removing hemp from the body is very difficult, and the process takes a long period. Drug use – can cause the appearance of various pathologies and mental disorders.