How To Fix Uneven Skin Tone?

TOP 5 ways to even out skin color on the face

Acne and acne are far from the only dermatological problem that everyone can face. Of course, these inflammations immediately catch the eye and spoil the appearance, but there are other types of tumors, which, although less noticeable, also affect the appearance and condition of the skin.

For example, many women turn to cosmetologists with such a problem as an uneven complexion. For different skin types, this is relevant both in the summer and in the winter season. It is necessary to treat the problem, starting from many factors – the patient himself, the causes of irregularities, and so on.

In some cases, the uneven color of the dermis on the face may signal the development of the disease in the body. For example, some blemishes are a symptom of a tumor. Be sure to take into account the characteristics of inflammations and contact the specialists if you notice such formations. Especially if before there were no such problems, and for the first time, you were faced with uneven skin color. In this case, it makes sense to think about a full medical examination of the body.

Why skin color on the face may be uneven

Having found out the exact reasons, you can determine which specific action or factor provoked a deviation from the norm. It is worth noting that here are the causes of all types of uneven colors – from redness to the appearance of age spots. Consider what kind of difficulty you have encountered to calculate the pathology yourself accurately.

You cannot determine how to even out your skin color until you know what you are struggling with.

  • Disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. Slags and toxins in the body contribute to the violation of the level of melanin, pigment, provoking the appearance of moles and spots.
  • Hereditary predisposition Often, uneven skin color is transmitted from parents to children or even from grandparents to grandchildren. Find out what caused your ancestors to break.
  • The lack of proper nutrition of the skin. A possible cause is the low efficiency of the circulatory system. The leather does not get enough vitamins, minerals, and even oxygen.
  • Dry skin Most often, the uneven complexion is found in people with a problematic dry type of dermis. It is necessary to moisturize the cover with additional means regularly or to provoke activation of the sebaceous glands. Especially true in the winter, when the skin is regularly weathered and maybe under the influence of low temperature for a long time.
  • Exposure to direct ultraviolet rays. This reason, on the contrary, is more common in the summer. Many patients notice that, for example, after vacation and regular beach tanning procedures, the skin is covered with spots. Sunburn disappears with time, but unpleasant formations remain. It also indicates a violation of melanin in the dermis.
  • Bad habits and food. It gives the prerequisites for disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. And smoking and alcoholism litter with toxins and the circulatory system itself. It is advisable to abandon these habits and pay attention to healthy food. Perhaps after this question, how to even out the tone of the face, will disappear by itself.
  • The lack of regime for a long time. The skin may become stained if you do not get enough sleep or sleep only during the day. Carefully follow the regime of the day and try to sleep from 7 to 9 hours.
  • Violation of hormonal background. The most common cause of adolescents during puberty and pregnant women. Hormones are unstable, which affects the pigments in the skin.
  • Consequences of dermatological diseases. The tone level or even the texture of the skin may be disrupted due to a disease. For example, patients often notice that the dermis is stained after a full recovery from acne. It is also quite possibly the formation of post-acne and other types of scars on the dermis. Therefore, to eliminate the need to use the most effective means.

Effective ways to align the complexion

If you have visited the doctor and were convinced that the color disorder is caused by one of the listed reasons, and not by a serious pathology, you can begin to understand the methods of eliminating the defect. Different specialists in cosmetology have different opinions about this. Many argue that only professional cosmetic preparations will help to recover. Others – that alternative methods work much better. The final choice still depends on you. Check out the most popular options.

Having made the final choice, do not rush to use drugs, or carry out procedures immediately. The way should be safe for your skin. Therefore, you should first make sure that the active substances are fully compatible with your body. To do this, pay attention to such factors as the type of your dermis, methods of influence on the cover, and possible side effects. The most reliable option – once again, consult a doctor and find the most appropriate way.

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1. How to smooth the skin with masks

how to fix uneven skin tone

This type of dermatological preparations is the most popular at the moment. The prevalence of masks among patients is due to high efficiency and relatively low cost. The fact is that most of the necessary masks for different purposes can be prepared independently at home using natural products. And in most options, these are cheap ingredients, which are likely to be in every home.

Popular masks for leveling the tone of the face:

  • Mask of coffee, honey, tofu, butter, and milk. It will take 10 grams of natural ground coffee, two teaspoons of warm milk, the same amount of butter, a teaspoon of honey melted on a steam bath, and 10 grams of oatmeal. Stir the ingredients and apply on face. Wash off with warm water after 15 minutes.
  • Mask of potatoes, sour cream, and milk. Boil one large potato in the unpeeled form. Crush to a puree together with the shells, add 2 tablespoons of sour cream and one tablespoon of milk. The mask is applied on uneven skin for 20 minutes.
  • Mask of bread, olive oil, and milk. Pulp the usual white bread with a small amount of milk. Add a tablespoon of a teaspoon of olive oil. Stir the ingredients and apply on face for 10 minutes.

2. How to smooth your face after acne with therapy

Considering that the cause is a mechanical violation of the integrity of the skin, it is necessary to act on the deeper layers of the skin. Cosmetic tools and masks are unlikely to help. We need professional procedures and hardware treatment that will restore the dermis, starting with the most profound areas themselves. Both cover texture and color are improved.

Options for effective therapeutic procedures:

  • Peeling. Unique aggressive scrubs are used in the course, which combs the upper layers. The protective film is quickly restored, so if the process is carried out correctly, it is safe for each patient.
  • Laser cleaning of the skin. In modern dermatology, lasers are used even for the most serious tasks – for example, to remove wen or abscesses. It is much safer for the patient. Besides, it is painless. Approximately the same hardware effect is used for normal face cleaning. With the help of a laser, you can quickly get rid of the same post-acne.
  • Ozone therapy. Relatively new procedure. The skin is leveled under the influence of the same gas.

3. How to even out the complexion at home using alternative methods

how to fix uneven skin tone

Despite the rapid development of medicine, modern patients still do not trust the treatment of their skin to any medications or cosmetics. The most exciting thing is that specialists are often inclined to believe that alternative treatment can bring good results. Of course, provided that the patient correctly chose a specific method of treatment and took into account the peculiarities of his organism.

When choosing an alternative method of leveling the complexion, keep in mind that each of them has its characteristics and an additional effect on the skin. For example, the drying or, conversely, moisturizing effect. Both options will be good for eliminating blemishes, but the choice is worth making, starting from your skin type.

Popular alternative treatment options:

  • Lotions and tonics based on medicinal plants. Chamomile, calendula, sage, millennial – all these herbs, one way or another, can help you even out the complexion. To do this, prepare a decoction or tincture. Then – wipe the face with the resulting liquid several times a day.
  • Ice cubes. Cold cubes have a positive effect on the dermis, accelerating blood circulation. It means that the cover begins to feed on the inside much more efficiently. Preparing cubes of decoctions of medicinal herbs, you fulfill two goals at once at the same time.
  • Acetylsalicylic acid tablets. Real users claim that the best way to even out the skin of the face is the use of conventional Aspirin tablets externally. At first, means is dissolved in water. A few drops are enough. Then just applied to the entire area of the face. Consider that such a drug has a drying effect on the skin. If you have a problematic dry type of derma, add the dissolved tablets to a medium consistency sour cream. Apply the product in this form.
  • Lemon acid. Many masks contain citrus juice. The ingredient is added to lighten the skin and give the face a natural shade. If you have noticeable problems with spots on the face, it is better to use lemon juice in its pure form. Take a gauze cloth, soak in juice, and leave on face for 5-10 minutes.
  • Steaming face. Steam baths are a great way to expand problematic clogged sebaceous canals and carry beneficial active substances into the inner layers of the skin. But, as practice shows, in some cases, the procedure can be useful in itself. For example, if your task is to even out skin tone. Fill the container with liquid and boil it. Allow it to cool slightly and lean over the dishes, covering the shoulders and head with a towel. It will help speed up blood circulation and cleanse the face in the upper layers of the skin. If you want to achieve the maximum effect, instead of ordinary water, use a decoction of herbs. Or place dried plants directly in a container where you pour the liquid. Steam will take all the useful properties.

4. Cream, smoothing the skin and other cosmetics

Whatever modern skeptics would say, and no matter how they treat cosmetic preparations, it’s silly to argue with the fact that they are effective. Proper selection of funds will help you cope with any dermatological problem. But be sure to keep in mind that many of the proposed drugs have a narrow focus. That is, they are suitable only for a specific segment of the audience. There are excellent options for leveling the complexion.

  • Cream type BB. At the moment, preparations of this type are often used as a basis for applying makeup. Although initially, it was a means to eliminate serious skin defects after surgery quickly. The composition of the drugs includes substances that help get rid of and uneven tone and even skin texture. Given the original purpose, it is clear that this cream helps to get rid of post-acne and uneven texture.
  • Cream type SS. The principle of means is similar to the previous version, but the formula of this cream is improved. Initially, the drug adjusts when applied under the main shade of the dermis of the face. But over time, the skin itself begins to adapt and change the tone under the influence of certain substances in the composition of the drug. Subsequently, the color becomes uniform and does not differ in tone from other parts of the body. It is also worth noting the matting effect and cleaning of the T-shaped face zone.
  • Tonal cream. Sometimes, to even the skin of the face, it is enough to apply not specific drugs, but ordinary make-up. In the post-Soviet space, tonal creams are currently far from being trusted by all users. Women over 30, who, by the way, very often have uneven complexion, are accustomed to the fact that such products hurt the skin. But new substances have nothing to do with the proposals a decade ago. Foundation creams also help even out the color of the dermis with proper regular use.

5. How to smooth the skin of the face with the help of decorative cosmetics

It is clear that uneven skin color – this is a significant problem that is worth getting rid of, finding the right treatment methods. But what if the course takes a long time, and you need to level the tone right now? For example, before an important meeting, date, or event? Of course, in this case, comes to the aid of decorative cosmetics.

What can be used:

  • Proofreader for the face. The principle is similar to an ordinary foundation. But the tool has a more convenient form. It can be liquid, in oily consistency, or solid form. You can use a dot for spots or treat the entire area of the face.
  • Face powder. You are deeply mistaken if you think that the dust is not able to mask the visible imperfections of the skin in the form of spots and irregularities. The main thing is to choose the right tool for the tone of your face.
  • Primer. New development in decorative cosmetics. It is a base for make-up. Therefore, it effectively hides defects of any level.

Remember that this method will help get rid of the problem only for a short time. Or rather, disguise it. There are no therapeutic functions for decorative cosmetics.

A uniform complexion is not enough to make your skin look perfect. It is the result of long work and a lot of procedures. See more in the video below: