How Long to Keep Braids in for Hair to Grow?

Don’t leave your braids in for too long. Protective styling is meant to be short-term. You should never keep braid for longer than 8 weeks. Any longer than that and your new growth will stretch and damage and eventually break.

Keeping your braids for longer than 8 weeks will likely leave you with hair loss.

Root Braid: Learn how to make, care for and keep braids longer

The root braid is much more than a stylish hairstyle, it is a historical and cultural heritage!

Traditionally worn by African women, the root braid, also known as Nago or creeping, is a symbol of the power and strength of curly and curvy women.

Today, she has gained status as a striking capillary style and full of personality and is loved for by many curly and crisp people who want to innovate in the visual.

The root braid can also be a valuable ally during the hair transition, a period in which the hair has two textures: the natural, near the roots, and the chemically treated, in length and ends.

These Afro braids can be made only with natural hair or supplemented by synthetic threads, which makes them excellent options for women who have passed the big chop and want to regain the length of the strands.

How To Make Root Braid

The root braid gets its name because the hair is woven close to the scalp. It allows you to choose from various shapes and hairstyles and has the option of braiding all or just part of it.

Before doing them, you should consider two critical points. The first is to ensure that the hair is strong and healthy. If their locks are damaged, the chances of them breaking in the process are very high, and no one wants that.

You can also consider doing your root braids with a hairdresser, especially if you want to keep them for several weeks. Having the experience of a professional specialized in this technique will undoubtedly make the result even better.

But if you want to do the hairstyle at home is also possible. Check it step by step:

  • Step 1: Divide the hair into small vertical strands, starting from the forehead to the nape. The thickness of the wick will determine if your root braid will be thinner or thicker.
  • Step 2: divide the first strand into three parts and start braiding the hair, always holding the braid close to the root. Add more hair from the same wick, making a braid inlay.
  • Step 3: You can do this process until a certain point and leave the rest of the threads loose, or choose to hold all the hair. If you want the second alternative, continue to the nape of the neck and then twist the strands usually, attaching the ends with a rubber band or just wrapping them around your fingers with a bit of combing cream.

Repeat these three steps all over your hair or the portion you want to braid. The durability of the root braid depends significantly on the characteristics of the nose and the way they are made it. But, in general, they usually last about 3 to 8 weeks.

Root plaiting: how to preserve them longer

Anyone who wants to keep the beautiful braid root longer should take care to prevent the hair loops from loosening and damaging the look of the hairstyle.

At bedtime, a golden tip is to wear a satin cap or pillowcase as the material lessens the friction between the braids and the pillow, which helps preserve braided hair longer.

It is also good to avoid hats and other accessories that are in direct contact with the roots and can leave the hair shivering.

Root plaiting: how to wash

Washing the braid root should be done once a week with neutral shampoo. The product needs to be applied to the roots and removed with plenty of water.

It is imperative to dry the root braids very well to avoid breeding fungi and bacteria.

Avoid conditioners and other products that can leave oily hair while they are stuck.

Some experts indicate that the ideal is to let the hair a few days loose between one maintenance and another. During this period the yarns should be hydrated, nourished and trimmed, if appropriate.

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To wake up with the perfect curls and tidy without using any product, a very used technique and indicated on the internet is the sleep of braid in the hair.

According to adherents of this trick, it would help to leave the wires with a natural wavy effect and could still contribute to making hair grow faster. We talked to some professionals to explain it right away if this works.

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Does braiding sleep leave curly hair?

Even famous people use the trick – they guarantee it works very well for example. But to achieve the desired effect without detonating the hair, there are some tricks.

The first tip is to assess whether your type of hair will accept sleep well with the braid. Curly or curly hair, for example, may not have a positive effect – since the twist could even break the natural waves of the strands.

For those who have smoother or slightly curly hair, it is a good option: the braid will give the uniform movement and more beautiful curves.

And the right way to do it? Also has. Who indicates is the hairstylist Adriana Damasceno, of the Hall Gilberto Cabeleireiros.

According to her, sleeping with the hairstyle helps to have perfect waves, but when done in excess or with too much force, it exerts pressure on the wires and can contribute to the fall. Also, if the hair is wet, it even fades.

To curl the bottom of the hair and leave the root smooth without damaging the nose, it indicates the traditional braid, with dry hair and in a looser way, without tightening both strokes during the movement of hair.

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And at the time of arrest, the same rule applies nothing too tight elastic. Taking this care, you will not break or even let the hair weaker.

Does hair grow?

And the story that the braid would help make hair grow? The pressure of the twist, pulling the root of the hair, could even give that result.

“Pulling the hair in the braid does not make it grow faster, the speed of growth is determined inside the scalp, and what makes it happen is the amount of blood that gets there,” says the specialist, who teaches a trick which – this yes – guarantees to work: to accelerate growth, merely massage the scalp and stay 10 minutes a day upside down to increase the amount of blood in the region.

She also explains that maintaining a balanced, sugar-free, fish-rich diet can contribute to yarn growth.

Does it hurt or does it?

Conclusion: sleep with braid spoils hair or is it a good beauty tip? The truth is that everything will depend on how you braid. If the hair is dry, if you do not use this technique every day, and do not make the braid too tight, it can be a great option to wake up with fabulous hair.