How Long Does Marijuana Last in Urine?

The use of marijuana and other soft drugs are accompanied by significant changes in the biochemical processes in the body.
It is a mistake to think that the effect of these substances is limited by the duration of the drug.

In one way or another, entering the body, cannabis reacts with various enzymes, and its metabolites are formed, which can be detected in laboratory studies.

Many people who decide with the use of marijuana are concerned about the question of how much grass is contained in the urine.

It is important because sometimes there are situations when you need to pass a particular test to detect drugs in the body.

What affects cannabis excretion?

Each person has an individual response to marijuana use.

Often, instead of the expected pleasurable sensations, a boy or girl gets a sharp deterioration in well-being, fear, or depression.

The characteristics of a person’s lifestyle also affect how long marijuana lasts in the urine and the body as a whole:

  1. Individual metabolic rate: many factors influence metabolism. The main of them are considered lifestyle, physical activity, nature of nutrition. Important also recognized heredity. Since the metabolism of each person has its characteristics, then the rate of excretion of the metabolites of a narcotic substance is different;
  2. Body weight: in obese people, marijuana products are excreted a little longer. This is probably due to the ability of cannabis to accumulate in fatty tissues;
  3. Duration of cannabis use: the more often you take a drug, the more its accumulation occurs in various tissues and organs. If one portion of the metabolites have not yet managed to get out of the body, and the person has used marijuana again, then their elimination is significantly more difficult;
  4. Method of use and the degree of impact on the body of the drug: there are several ways to use cannabis and its various substances that have a psychoactive effect. Therefore, to answer the question of how much marijuana comes out of the urine, you need to know exactly which way and which herb you used;

Determination of hemp metabolites in urine

A very common test is for cannabinoids in the urine.

It is very useful, as it allows you to determine whether a person has consumed marijuana over the past 2-3 weeks.

However, you should be aware of the factors that influence how long marijuana is in the urine. Such a long period of detection in the urine, compared with other drugs, hemp metabolic products is associated with their accumulation in adipose tissue.

Because of this property, they enter the bloodstream more slowly and are filtered in the kidneys.

We should not think that a single use does not leave any negative traces in our body and the result of urinalysis for marijuana will be negative. The advantages of determining drugs in the urine include:

  • The possibility of taking material for research outside the laboratory;
  • Ease of taking material for research, there is no need for special training;
  • High reliability of the results;

If you want the analysis result to be accurate, follow the simple rules:

  1. Use a sterile urine collection container; it can be purchased at any pharmacy;
  2. After urinating immediately tightly close the container lid. Foreign matter may distort the test result;
  3. It is advisable to send the material to the laboratory immediately. If this is not possible, then you can store the container with urine in the refrigerator for 36 hours;

You can examine the urine for the presence of cannabis metabolites in it using the following methods:

  • Immunochromatographic method
  • Chemical-toxicological method

With the immunochromatographic method, the result can be obtained very quickly, in just 15 minutes.

The method of its implementation is to immerse first strips in the urine. If there are cannabinoids in the urine, then there is a change in the color of the test strips.

The disadvantages of the method include the fact that it determines either the presence or absence of the drug in the urine and does not give a quantitative description and degree of intoxication.

The results of this analysis cannot be used in court. It determines the concentration of a narcotic substance in the urine and can be used in legal proceedings. Usually, the result can be obtained a day after the analysis. It should be understood that the detection in the urine of metabolites of narcotic substances is not considered a reason for establishing drug dependence. Therefore, you may need other methods and advice from doctors of different specialties.

Other ways to determine marijuana in the body

It is not enough to know how much hemp is kept in the urine since there are different ways to determine this drug in the body. These include:

Identification of marijuana metabolites in saliva

At the present stage, the method is not very common, but it is very effective in cases when a person is suddenly tested for drug use. It is important in different areas of professional activity. Material for research can be taken at any time, and an employee suspected of taking drugs will not have time to prepare or change the material for analysis. The result comes on average after three days;

Blood test

It is considered not very effective and reliable, as the metabolites of cannabis are rapidly removed from the bloodstream. It is possible to determine the narcotic substance a couple of days after use, in the future the analysis is not appropriate; The study of hair follicles: the most reliable test. This technique allows you to determine the availability of products of exchange of marijuana, even after 6 months after its use;

When is urine testing for marijuana?

It is possible to determine the level of cannabis metabolites in the urine to make sure that your body is cleared of harmful substances if you decide to give up this harmful habit.

But in the overwhelming majority of cases, hemp products in the urine are determined by particular indications:

  • When injected into a traffic accident: determine not only the level of alcohol intoxication but also the presence in the blood and urine of drugs. Therefore, before driving, it is essential to know how many days hemp is kept in the urine;
  • During various legal proceedings: if you suspect that you have committed an illegal act, you must check the mental state of a person. Drug use (including cannabis) can seriously change a person’s behavior and push him to commit a crime
  • ; In the professional activity: employees of specific services are tested to exclude drug addiction during recruitment. Some companies may also conduct selective checks;

How to quickly cleanse the body?

It is impossible to get rid of cannabis metabolites in one or several days and significantly speed up the time after which the grass comes out of the urine. However, you can try to speed up the metabolic processes in your body:

  1. Intense physical exertion will help speed up the metabolism in the body. A visit to the bath and sauna also has a positive effect on the excretion of narcotic substances and toxins;
  2. Diet rich in alkalizing foods. The use of marijuana acidifies the body, so it is essential to eat lots of green vegetables and limit the amount of meat and dairy foods;
  3. You can use special preparations to detoxify the body, after consulting with a doctor;

Drinking large amounts of water does not help to remove marijuana from the urine quickly. Therefore, if you have long trips ahead of you, business trips or inspections at work should be avoided.

You also need to remember that marijuana is far from harmless entertainment and can lead to dangerous drug addiction, psychological problems, the destruction of careers and social relationships.

How much marijuana is kept in the urine and blood?

Cannabis (marijuana or anasha) is a common drug that belongs to the lungs. But any drug is harmful to health, prolonged use of marijuana leads to serious consequences – the physical and mental health of a person suffers.

Narcotic residues reveal a special test for marijuana. How long does cannabis keep in the urine and blood, how are they tested, and are there any methods that help get rid of traces of eating anasha faster from the body? Let’s talk about it.

How does the drug?

The main active compound of marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC). This is a vegetable psychoactive substance located in the leaves and inflorescences of the plant. HNS, entering the body, forms strong compounds with fat cells (adipocytoma).

Diagnostics that detect traces of the anarchy are performed during certain medical examinations (upon entering the service, obtaining permission to drive a car, during routine preventive examinations).

Tetrahydrocannabinol has a psychotropic effect on the central nervous system of a person who uses a drug. Take marijuana simultaneously with food or as a smoking mixture. Despite the moderately severe severity of HPS, the herb leaves the body for quite a long time.

HPS accumulation process

After ingestion/smoking of ananas, certain biochemical processes occur in the human body, provoking the formation of metabolites. Molecules of these compounds are characterized by a long period of disintegration and withdrawal. It is the metabolites that are detected during the tests. The time, how much marijuana is kept in the body individually, it depends on the characteristics of the human body, on its natural metabolic rate. For some individuals, the test result can give a positive result, even if the grass was smoked last time several years ago.

What determines the decay rate of metabolites?

Cannabinol is a fat-soluble compound. The rate at which a drug leaves the body depends on the following factors:

  1. The duration of the use of anasha.
  2. The peculiarity of the metabolism of this person.
  3. It affects weight, height, and age.
  4. The strength and saturation of the drug itself, the “purity” of the herb and the percentage of cannabinol in it.

The level of body fat in the body. The larger it is, the longer the narcotic traces remain. With prolonged and regular use of marijuana in different forms, its concentration increases. In the analysis will be revealed anasha in the urine, blood, saliva and even in the hair.

How much marijuana is kept in blood and urine?

Testing can identify the effects of taking the drug already after 1-1.5 hours after its use. The time for which traces of weed remain in the body depends on the duration of taking the narcotic substance.

Traces of marijuana in the blood

To determine how much grass is kept in the blood, you need to remember how often it was used:

  • with a single use of anasha, the drug remains in the blood cells for 3-5 days
  • with the systematic smoking of cannabis, its traces remain in human blood for 3-4 months.

The presence of anasha in the urine

But the question of how much marijuana is kept in the urine is not so happy with the answer. The herbal drug in urine is delayed for a longer period:

  • if weed were smoked only once, the traces of the drug would be determined by analysis about 1-1.5 weeks
  • when a person regularly smokes marijuana, the breakdown of metabolites is longer and is 4-6 months, in some cases, anasha will persist for up to a year.

How is the analysis performed?

Doctors have developed several ways to determine traces of anasha in the human body. In the analysis can be investigated:

Saliva. The most common and simple test. Allows you to detect traces of the drug more than 3 weeks ago.

Blood. It is also one of the most popular tests. It is used when you need to get results in a short time.

Hair. The analysis has a high threshold of reliability. With it, doctors track traces of the drug, even a year or more after its last use.

Urine. This laboratory analysis revealed traces of an anachas a month ago.

Is it possible to speed up the withdrawal process?

How much cannabinoids are kept in the urine depends on many components.

But is it possible to accelerate the breakdown of toxins and to cleanse the body? If you soon have to analyze for traces of anasha, you should prepare for testing beforehand and try to do everything so that there are no traces of a dangerous substance in the body.

The impact of various types of drugs on the human body To speed up the cleansing of the body and safely pass the analysis, you should start preparing for it in advance. What we do:

Adjust the power. Marijuana has a negative effect on acid-base balance. To correct the basic level, it is necessary to saturate your own body with fresh vegetables thoroughly. Flour, meat and dairy products are excluded from the menu for a while.

There is a popular belief that if you drink a lot of water, it will “dilute” the anasha and bring it out. This is a myth, the liquid only dilutes urine, but does not affect the concentration of cannabinol.

For 5-6 days before testing it is recommended to take vitamin complexes or dietary supplements (nutritional supplements) with an increased amount of creatinine. On day X (when testing is being carried out), take 90–100 g of B vitamins and drink a large amount of water (at least 2 liters).

Actively involved in sports and visit the sauna. In the coming days, before the analysis will have to become vigorous athletes. Physical activity well increases the metabolic process (metabolism) and accelerates detoxification. Promote cleansing and bath procedures.

Detoxification therapy. If testing indicators are of great importance, as an extreme case, you can apply medical methods for a complete cleansing of the body. This method is considered the most effective and reliable, but it can be done only in a hospital.

Useful tips

If urine is analyzed, try to hand over the first trickles by the collection cup.

This will lower the level of metabolites (concentrated substances leave the body the very first). But when putting your hair on traces of a drug, you will have to resort to extreme measures and completely shave your hair.

It is better to do the haircut as soon as you know that you have to pass the tests. Before the analysis, the hair will grow and the likelihood that they will be “clean” will increase. But the most effective advice is not to take any drugs at all, even light Anisha.

Most smokers believe that marijuana does not have particularly negative consequences for the body. This is a big mistake, according to the observations of narcologists, smoking marijuana, even once, can cause a person:

  • death of brain cells
  • dramatically lower immunity
  • the development of mental illness
  • a manifestation of schizoid disorders
  • full energy depletion of the body
  • to provoke the appearance of sexual impotence in men
  •  a prolonged state of weakening, lethargy, and apathy

Marijuana is a crafty and dangerous drug. Its long-term use is persistent addictive. When the weed already ceases to act, smokers, accustomed to the euphoria, switch to stronger drugs and completely degrade.

How to remove marijuana from the body and how much cannabinol is kept in the urine?

Marijuana is a psychoactive substance, the source of which is dried and crushed leaves, seeds and flowers of some types of cannabis.

The main active element of the plant is cannabinol, which has a weak psychotropic effect.

In the late 1970s, in the United States, every second high school student at least once tried marijuana, and one in ten young people took a drug every day. “Cure for stress” and today is the most common drug because of its availability and relative “ease.”

The impact of marijuana begins almost immediately after the use of the drug, and manifest ease and sense of euphoria heightened perception and loss of sense of time.

An overdose of cannabis can cause panic attacks and unexplained anxiety, delirium tremens, obsessive fears, hallucinations, and inappropriate behavior. On the physical side, cannabis use is accompanied by nausea, dry mouth, sweating, high blood pressure, and rapid heartbeat.

How is long marijuana kept in the blood and urine?

The time that marijuana is kept in the urine and blood of a person is entirely individual and depends on many factors:

  • the minimum period after which it is possible to detect a drug in biological fluids ranges from two to five hours;
  • if there was a one-time use – the blood is purified from cannabinol on the third or fourth day;
  • with regular abuse, special highly sensitive tests can show a positive result even three to four months after the last contact with marijuana.

In the urine, it is possible to detect a psychoactive agent for a longer period than in the blood – on average from one week to one and a half months since the last use.

Where else can a drug be contained in the body?

In addition to blood and urine, a small number of cannabinoids, which are fat soluble substances, may be contained in adipose tissue, due to which the drug will be removed longer from the body of an obese person. Laboratory analysis of subcutaneous fat is carried out in extremely rare cases (this is a costly and time-consuming exercise compared with other tests). Also, methods of analysis are used, such as tests of saliva and hair follicles:

  • the drug is contained in saliva for a relatively short time since the last use – a maximum of 12 hours, and a positive result can be analyzed within an hour after smoking;
  • the longest period during which narcotic compounds are held in the hair is a record 90 days;

There are also more accurate analyzes, for which the year is not the maximum period, but the accuracy of such tests suffers significantly: a positive result can be obtained with casual use of a narcotic drug, and chain smokers can count on a negative one.

What affects the rate of excretion of active substances?

The time for cleansing the body of narcotic compounds is purely individual and depends on many factors. Among them, first of all, the amount, regularity of reception and the “strength” of marijuana, as well as the physiological characteristics of a particular organism. Also, affect:

metabolic rate, which depends on the lifestyle and diet, health and heredity, the presence and intensity of physical activity;

the ratio of the amount of adipose tissue about the total mass: the more massive the body, the longer the active substances of cannabis will remain in the body.

There are several ways to cleanse the body of marijuana. Some of them are natural and imply lifestyle changes, while others require the use of special drugs.

How to speed up the withdrawal of marijuana from the body naturally?

Fundamental methods of natural cleansing can remove marijuana from the body in less time in the following ways:

It is necessary to drink large amounts of water – the traditional solution for many programs that promise weight loss and elimination of toxins and wastes from the body in a short time, and works with narcotic drugs. The cleansing effect is achieved by drinking at least three liters of water for women and four for men.

Excretion of toxins by physiological, i.e., along with sweat. Physical activity will not be as effective as, for example, visiting a sauna, but you should make sure that there are no contraindications to such a procedure, and all the necessary conditions for a safe sauna are observed – you should not exceed the optimal time in the sauna and drink plenty of fluids.

Will help to quickly remove the herb from the body herbal teas. Some compounds are aimed at cleansing from toxins; you can buy them in specialized health food stores or pharmacies.

The use of alkaline vegetables, including cucumbers, lime, lemon, spinach, cabbage, and others, has a positive effect. Coffee and soda, bakery products, fried foods, and dairy products should be restricted.

These methods are used in special programs aimed at cleansing the body from narcotic substances. Therefore their effectiveness and safety are confirmed by medical research.

Removal with the use of drugs

Medical removal of marijuana from the body by using a complex of drugs and procedures that are prescribed by a narcologist and are individual for each patient.

The course of purification lasts for several weeks, and all this time the patient is usually in the hospital.

Drugs and detoxification methods such as hemodialysis, plasmapheresis or hemosorption are used.

The procedures involve a versatile purification of toxins, but they are rather unsafe, so you should not rely entirely on medical care – it is much better to make the decision to give up drugs and let the body cleanse naturally.

Drug tests

To determine the amount of marijuana in the blood, you can use rapid tests that are suitable for home use. They are sold in pharmacies and, as a rule, determine the presence of a drug in the urine.

The cost of test strips ranges from 40 to 2000 rubles (pack of 50 pieces). A chemical-toxicological analysis of blood, saliva or hair is carried out in laboratory conditions.

Diagnostic tests have different informational content, but in the complex, they allow with a high degree of probability (up to 98%) to determine the presence of marijuana in the human body.