How Long Does It Take to Get Used to Braces?

Modern braces are designs that can eliminate even the most serious defects of bite.

The value of this method of treatment is difficult to overestimate. At the same time, many patients who turn to dentists to resolve such anomalies often complain of certain inconveniences from using the products, especially during the adaptation period.

Getting used to a foreign body in the mouth, a person experiences pain and psychological discomfort.

How to make habituation time more comfortable and will be discussed in this article.

Adaptation period

Regardless of the braces model chosen, an “unpleasant” habituation period is inevitable.

To understand its physiological nature, it is necessary to consider in greater detail the principle of operation of the structure on the jaw row, due to which bite correction takes place.

The main element of the product is a metal arc, which is attached to the necessary tension force. To return to its original position, it puts pressure on the problem segments, forcing them to shift gradually. That is why in the process of treatment a person experiences pain.

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The fabrics in the area of contact with the device are quite strong, and to force them to change the wrong position, one should apply a pressure force of different intensity, which depends on the severity of the anomaly. Hence the pain threshold.

The stronger the impact on the jaw row, the higher the discomfort “prepared” for the patient during the treatment process.

How long this period is delayed depends on the threshold of susceptibility of the oral cavity to the presence of an extraneous object, the design features, and the specific pathology.

On average, it takes from several days to a week, except when the pain threshold is extremely low.

Use wax

Orthodontic wax is specially designed to protect the soft tissues of the mucous from mechanical injuries arising in the process of friction of the structure at the time of addiction.

The principle of application is quite simple – a small piece of the component is glued to the discomfort zone.

The part of the construction covered with wax will no longer rub and will protect the mucosa from the appearance of multiple bleeding ulcers, which are much more difficult to get rid of than to prevent their appearance.

The wax is quickly fixed, perfectly adheres to the systems and is easily removed before eating.


How Long Does It Take to Get Used to Braces

In the process of correction in this way, the optimal solution is food that is soft and does not need to be chewed for a long time. Dishes prepared in this way, not only do not harm the integrity of the structure, they will relieve from additional discomfort.

It should not be confused with soft, viscous products. The use of the latter is highly undesirable since such food will stick to the device, stuck between its fragments. The use of chewing gum is also unacceptable.

Those products that are consumed raw, and therefore retain their natural hardness, should be cut into small portions and chewed on the back dental fragments.

And another rule – you need to take food slowly, so you can eliminate the risk of accidental contact with the seeds, seeds, as a result of which gum tissue can be injured, which subsequently threatens with inflammation.


Problems with the quality of the speech apparatus are one of the most significant complications of wearing braces. It especially applies to the logical type of construction. In this situation, the sound articulation is disturbed due to the incomplete interaction between the back of the jaw and the tip of the tongue.

Since the facial department responsible for the dictational function had already managed to get used to the existing bite deviation, an attempt to make it work in the new conditions, at first causes physiological difficulties.

As habituation takes place, the quality of speech improves, since the information supplied by brain impulses about the presence of a foreign object in the mouth is no longer perceived by the consciousness as sharply as in the first days.

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To minimize the time required to restore diction, experts recommend:

  • read aloud as much as possible, and this should be done as expressively as possible, highlighting each word with the corresponding event, intonation;
  • learn and pronounce rhymes and tongue twisters that are used in speech therapy practice, and are aimed at improving the pronunciation of individual sounds, those that are currently spoken with distortion.

Whether to suffer pain

A normal pain is considered to be of such intensity that a person can tolerate without taking painkillers, nor does it psychologically distract him, absorbing all his strength and attention.

Usually, the pain is quite strong in the first days after installation. During this period, experts recommend taking special medicines that can stop it for a long time.

Normally, with each new day, the discomfort will be less intense until it subsides altogether.

It is important to understand that drug therapy, in this case, is a thankless task, because:

  • first, there is an addiction to the organism to the action of the drug, and over time its effectiveness decreases sharply;
  • secondly, if you try to cope with the problem in this way, depriving the body of the opportunity to do it on its own, it will quickly form the habit of waiting for help from the outside and stop fighting diseases, viruses and infections.

It is better to switch your attention to something more interesting and to make it easier to do; you can relieve the pain with special cooling gels or ointments, the negative impact of which is less pronounced.


Proper care during the operation of systems is not only the observance of sanitary norms, but it is also an effective measure that allows you to reduce the discomfort of the treatment process qualitatively.

To make everything go as smoothly as possible, you need to follow these guidelines:

  • if wax or special gels were used while wearing the construction, all this should be carefully removed at the end of the day so that the fragments of the funds do not remain on its elements;
  • Morning and evening cleaning is obligatory since, for the first time after the installation of braces, tooth enamel is especially sensitive to irritants, various infections, and inflammations. Very often during this period, there are a large number of cases of caries and periodontal diagnosis, the appearance of which is extremely undesirable when wearing the device;
  • As much as possible to adhere to the sparing temperature condition. Consumed products should not be too hot or cold, as this will further enhance the sensitivity of the enamel.

Practical recommendations

To facilitate the process of addiction can, knowing some tricks:

  1. Trying not to move your lips too often – this is how a deceptive feeling of relief arises. It will very quickly become clear that this only increased the friction and led to sores and wounds in the mouth due to the uneven outer surface of the product.
  2. At first, you should apply several times more wax than this instruction requires, you should not wait for the first trouble. In this situation, you should act “ahead of the curve.”All places that immediately seemed the most sensitive, it is better to secure in advance. It should be understood that the use of wax is completely safe, even if we assume the possibility of accidental ingestion.
  3. Moral spirit – you need to try not to lock yourself on your problems, move more, walk, find a source of new sensations. An emotional rise is exactly what can add new colors and brighten up the time of adaptation to the systems.
  4. Trying not to sleep on the stomach – a pose in which the face rests on the pillow will maximally squeeze the lips, pressing them against the elements of the structure. In the morning, the pain may increase.
  5. To focus on physical exertion – this kind of stress switches attention well, muscular fatigue makes a toothache less pronounced.
  6. Refrain from the temptation to touch the “novelty.” Many try to fix or remove the device, considering that all the discomfort comes from incorrect installation, and try to correct the situation on their own. If the model is very disturbing, it is wiser to say this to the orthodontist, and he will temporarily replace the arc with a thinner one.
  7. In the first days, a slight irritation from the rubbing will remove the gargle with a decoction of chamomile. The plant is an excellent antiseptic, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect, quickly restores to the normal state of the tissues and mucous membranes.

Also, psychologists advise to find like-minded people in the appropriate forums; it will be easier to solve the problem together. And perhaps, someone’s advice will help the patient not only morally, but also physically.

How not to notice discomfort?

The main thing when adapting to the bracket system is to endure the first couple of weeks. To relieve pain, many orthodontists prescribe light painkillers, but the person has to cope with unpleasant sensations himself. And many experts say that in order not to torment yourself with the question of how much to get used to braces and thus not to wind, you should pay attention to these tips:

  • to abstract from unpleasant feelings as much as possible: to fill in the daily log with affairs, to watch films, to meet friends;
  • to concentrate on positive emotions, many scientists note that pain comes from the head;
  • give preference to soft foods: mashed potatoes, smoothies, cream soups.

Following the recommendations of the orthodontist, after a short period, you can forget that the braces were generally the cause of some unpleasant sensations.


The result more than overlaps the unpleasant sensations that inevitably arise during the correction of the bite with the help of braces systems that this treatment method gives. After all, having beautiful and healthy teeth is a dream of many whom nature, alas, did not endow with this from birth.

If you are familiar with the problem discussed in this article, as well as tips for eliminating it, you can share your own opinion in the “comments” section, and perhaps your information will be useful to someone.