How can a girl get rid of her belly? Folk remedies for fat on the abdomen

Mask of honey and red pepper

Thanks to folk remedies, you can increase the tone of the abdominal skin, which will give it elasticity and elasticity. Thus, a special mask of honey with red pepper, cooked at home, has a warming effect and stimulates the metabolism.

Green tea

For efficiency, it is worth refusing alcohol and smoking, replacing bad habits with green tea. Green tea has not only anti-stress effect, it also promotes fat burning.

Decoction of bear ears, horsetail, leaves of bilberry and burdock

The ancient method of dealing with fat on the stomach and thighs are considered decoctions of bear ears, horsetail, cowberry leaves and burdock. Such decoctions are effective and are not intended for regular use, because they can disrupt the water-salt balance in the body.


Another effective folk method of dealing with fat on the stomach is a matchbox. The essence of the method is as follows: scatter all the matches from the box to the floor, and then collect everything.

One match – one slope. Thus, constant inclinations will be made at which the muscles of the abdomen and legs work. Fats are burned, and the stomach is pulled to the spine. As a result, a beautiful and flat tummy after a month of such exercises.

Studies at the University of South Florida in Tampa have shown that in women with breast cancer, deep abdominal fat deposits are more common by 45 percent than those who do not have this disease.

A study of pairs of identical twins, conducted at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (USA), showed that the brother, who was already overweight adults, had significantly more prerequisites for the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Most of us think that if, by pinching ourselves, we grab two centimeters of fat, we must stop eating ice cream. But the fat that you can grab with your fingers, that is, located directly under the skin, is actually harmless.

Much more serious problems arise due to visceral fat, which is deposited around such vital internal organs as the intestines and the liver. “The health threat is not determined by the fact that you have excess fat, but by where it is concentrated,” says Dr. Arthur Frank, medical director of the program to combat obesity at George Washington University.

How to find out if you need to dump fat on your stomach, without resorting to costly examinations on a scanning tomograph or using magnetic nuclear resonance?

There is a simple and sure way: calculate the ratio of waist to hips. Divide the waist circumference (at the thinnest point) by the hip circumference (at the widest point). In a person with a waist size of 68.5 centimeters and a hips volume of 98 centimeters, this coefficient is 0.7.

A specialist in obesity from Washington, Dr. Uzin Callaway, believes that with a ratio higher than 0.80 for women and 0.95 for men, they should be able to bend their abdomen.

Despite all the dangers, many find that getting rid of excess fat on the abdomen is very easy – if you separate the myths from the facts. These tips will help you succeed where many fail.

1. Remember, men and women lose weight differently.

Any woman who began to fight with the stomach in the company of a man, waiting for the same disappointment as Nancy Johnson. Dr. Frank explains: “When a man and a woman of the same height and weight get the same nutrition and the same physical exertion, the man quickly loses weight.

Why? Because per kilogram of weight in men accounts for more “lean” tissue, and this is what burns fat. ” To achieve at least half of what men achieve, most women have to make much more effort than they expect.

Some believe that men have more willpower, but this is not true. “Both sexes love fatty foods,” says Adam Drewnowski, director of the human nutrition program at the University of Michigan.

His research shows that women prefer to consume fats in a sweet form: pies, cakes and chocolate, while men eat more salty fatty foods: fried potatoes, smoked sausage, sausages. Therefore, support each other if you and your spouse decided to return the slim figure. Consider the biological differences between you.

2. Find out for yourself the truth about low-fat products.

Fancy and harsh diets often help to quickly lose pounds, but mostly due to water and muscle mass. To permanently remove the belly, you need to get rid of excess fat.

Most experts recommend a diet low in saturated fats, including fresh fruits, vegetables and foods rich in starch, such as brown rice, whole-grain bread and pasta.

You, of course, heard that macaroni is “harmful” to you, that when you eat them, a chemical reaction occurs in the body involving insulin, as a result of which you become even fatter. But Dr. Gerald Riven of Stanford University says this is not true.

“Insulin does not contribute to weight gain. And people are not getting fatter from pasta, he says. “Weight gains due to excess calories.”

If you are healthy, forget these fears. “Eat spaghetti calmly. They are useful, ”says Dr. James Hill, deputy director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado. – Just do not eat them too much. From any product, if you eat it too much, you can get fat.

” The only important caveat: if you suffer from a metabolic disorder called insulin resistance, be careful with low-fat diets. If you replace too many calories, which give the body saturated fats (butter, cream and eggs), calories derived from carbohydrates (pasta worn, rice, potatoes and low-fat desserts), warns Riven, then your blood sugar level may rise or increase the risk of heart disease.

If you do not know if you suffer from insulin resistance,

All this confusion with pasta reveals a very important point: there is no one “right” diet for everyone and for everyone, because not everyone gets fat the same.

The point is not how much fat is in your food, the main thing is how many calories are in it. To remove the stomach, you must get calories from various healthy foods.

3. Exercise at your own pace.

Squats help improve the tone of the abdominal muscles. But in order to remove deep fat, you must strengthen all the muscles of the body. Maybe you don’t feel your stomach becoming flatter when you exercise your shoulder or gluteus or thigh muscles, but this is so.

There is no consensus among experts about which exercises have a greater effect. Some people prefer strength exercises, lifting dumbbells and training on simulators; others recommend running, cycling and swimming, which increases oxygen exchange.

After listening to conflicting advice, you can decide to combine exercises of both types in order to achieve the maximum effect. But for beginners, it’s important to just start moving. In a study at Royal University in Ontario, Canada, two groups of obese women received the same, low-fat diet.

One group “drove” weight by running and swimming, the other was engaged in power simulators. After 16 weeks, it turned out that in women in both groups, the amount of fat around the waist decreased about the same.

At what pace should exercise be done? It seems surprising, but when you are not in top fitness, slow and effortless exercises can do more good. In a study conducted at the Cooper Aerobic Research Institute in Dallas, overweight women were divided into three groups: fast walkers, moderate walkers and “turtles”.

Who lost more fat? “Turtles”! “So far this is only a theory,” says John Lunkam, who led the study, “but the point is that our body burns two types of fuel: glycogen, which can be compared to high-octane gasoline, and fat, which is more like low-octane gasoline. In all likelihood, if you are forcing your body to operate in race car mode, you need high-quality fuel,

4. Pay attention to bad habits.

Weight gain in stressful conditions is common and not only for men. When scientists from Yale University examined a group of 41 overweight women between the ages of 18 and 40, they found that those who had abdominal fat deposition produced much more hormone cortisone under stress that they could not cope.

“We know that the stress hormone cortisone combined with adrenaline stimulates the deposition of fat in the abdominal cavity,” said Dr. Redford Williams, a professor of psychiatry at Duke University. “Probably, stress causes our body to redistribute fat, to transfer it from other areas, for example from the hips, to the stomach.”

Attempts to cope with stress by smoking or drinking can lead to double trouble. Compared with non-smokers of the same height and weight, smokers have a higher waist-hip ratio and have more dangerous, deep-lying fat.

“Most skinny smokers will say,“ I can’t stop smoking because then I will grow fat and die, ”says Dr. William Castelli, director of the Framingham Cardiovascular Institute. “But even if they quit smoking, they will really become fat, they will still prolong their lives by giving up smoking.” Mortality among skinny smokers is nine times higher than among skinny non-smokers. ”

they will really become fat, they will still prolong their lives by giving up smoking. Mortality among skinny smokers is nine times higher than among skinny non-smokers. ” they will really become fat, they will still prolong their lives by giving up smoking. Mortality among skinny smokers is nine times higher than among skinny non-smokers. ”

Likewise, heavy drinkers have a higher waist-hip ratio and more deep-seated fat than non-drinkers. But you can’t say that every glass of wine you drink is fraught with danger.

“If you drink no more than two drinks per day, this is unlikely to lead to an increase in fat deposits in the abdominal cavity,” says Dr. Scott Weiss, an associate professor at the medical faculty at Harvard University.

5. Do not look for excuses.

They only harm your health. There is a popular belief that “with age, some people inevitably get fat.” It is simply ridiculous: a man cannot be too old to remove his belly.

At the Medical School of the University of Washington in St. Louis, a group of men and women aged 60-70 began to exercise for the first time in many years. After 9-12 months, men lost more weight than women, but in proportion to body weight, they both lost the same amount of fat, especially at the waist.

What about a fashionable excuse, as if your weight problems are due to genetic predisposition? Forget about it. Even if you have a lot of fat people in your family, you can still reduce your waist.

Claude Bouchard, a professor of physiology in physical exercise at Laval University in Quebec, concluded that only 35-40 percent of the difference in weight between people of the same height is due to genetic factors. For the remaining 60-65 percent, everything depends on you.

So drop all the excuses, get out of the chair and take care of your waist – and your health.

Ph.D. Vladimir Vasilenko

Why does the belly bulge?

It is not as easy for a woman to get rid of sediments in the waist area and below than to correct the remaining zones, since nature provides for a certain amount of fat in this part.

The role of the future mother, entrusted to the girls, involves the mobility of the uterus during pregnancy and after it, which is promoted by the fat layer, which prevents adhesion of tissues and the appearance of adhesions.

Not every case of a flat (so-called “dry”) abdomen leads to this, but before deciding to get rid of fat here, you need to figure out whether it is superfluous.

In addition to the natural idea, a bulging belly in women can also be explained by:

  • Metabolic disorders, leading to obesity and the appearance of visceral fat.
  • Genetic peculiarity – if ancestors along the female line showed obvious fat deposits on the abdomen even with a slender figure, you also have chances to appear.
  • Stress, which provoke an increase in cortisol levels.
  • Problems of the endocrine system, triggering hormonal disruptions, which entail the retention of fluid cells.
  • Curvature of the back and too thin intervertebral discs.
  • Intestinal problems causing flatulence.
  • Stretched skin and weak abdominal muscles (after childbirth).

How to remove a woman’s belly?

Until you find out the reason why you have a loose stomach or rolled out in the manner of a beer at the representatives of the stronger sex, you can not begin to try to get rid of it – it will not bring positive results, especially if endogenous obesity.

When the curvature of the back to adjust the power is meaningless, and try to pump up the press – it is dangerous; if hormones are to blame, without affecting them even from the healthiest food you will recover.

After childbirth, the question of how to remove a huge belly to a woman arises especially sharply, but must be solved with the help of a doctor.

Universal recommendations without studying the problem can be given only to those who need to get rid of extra pounds on the stomach, provoked by an abundance of sugar in the diet, sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy diet. Here the scheme is simple:

  • physical exertion on fat loss and helping to work deep muscles;
  • correction of the diet for a long time (no hard diets!);
  • cosmetic procedures, if you need to tighten the skin.


Exercise along with nutritional correction helps to get rid of excess body fat, but they become effective only when building a competent exercise plan. They don’t have to be daily, they don’t need to move to the gym either – at home you can lose weight from the abdomen just as well.

However, systematic need. Experts on the question of how to reduce the abdomen and hips in women, recommend 3 cardio and 2 strength exercises with local exercises for deep abdominal muscles per week.


If abdominal fat is subcutaneous and has not affected the internal organs, you can even try to get rid of it by simply switching to proper nutrition. The greatest threats are alcohol and sugar-rich foods.

All sources of simple carbohydrates, i.e. sweet, white flour products, fast food, when trying to figure out how to get rid of a woman’s stomach, you need to eliminate from the menu. Valid and even the right food will be:

  • fresh (mostly) vegetables;
  • a fish;
  • lean versions of meat;
  • seafood;
  • eggs;
  • greens (required!).

Concerning croup, doctors disagree. Only on the issue of buckwheat there is a single solution – it does not hurt to get rid of the abdomen, especially given its effect on the hormones of a woman.

However, not every rice is useful – only not polished, i.e. in the shell; oatmeal should not be in the form of flakes, and millet can harm the stomach. It is desirable in the fight against fat folds to focus on raw vegetable food, i.e. vegetables, and not for cereals.

How to remove the belly wrap?

Exposure to heat helps to get rid of fat deposits, but according to experts it is more a way to tighten the skin and improve its condition, but not a universal answer to the question of how to remove a fat stomach in women, especially during obesity.

Controlling your appetite and calorie intake will produce a more pronounced result. If you decide to figure out how to get rid of the abdomen of a woman, performing wraps, use this instruction:

  1. Dissolve the clay to a thick consistency, adding warm water to it.
  2. Drip a little citrus essential oil, drop a pinch of cinnamon.
  3. Spread this mass over the skin, turn around cling film.
  4. Cover this area with wool, wait an hour before washing off.


The mechanical effect that any anti-cellulite massage has has a nature similar to wraps: it warms up the abdominal area, helping to burn subcutaneous fat.

You can visit a specialist, you can do a massage yourself – the effect will be almost the same. Solo, like wraps, this method does not help to lose weight. Women with problems of the reproductive system, especially the uterus, it is prohibited, because can harm the body.

Cosmetic procedures

The desire to get rid of body fat through the use of miraculous “fat burning” creams and other cosmetic products and procedures is similar to attempts to cure cancer with popular recipes. Such an impact will not be harmful, but the benefits are doubtful, even as part of an integrated approach.

Herbal extracts, which supposedly trigger fat burning on the abdomen, reach the goal when used outside in such a small amount that the result can be waited for months. The only thing that will give cosmetic procedures – improving the quality of the skin.

How to remove the lower abdomen?

The protrusion of this zone has no connection with food intake and does not even depend on the strength of the press. Here, hormones and spinal disorders are often to blame, especially if there are no problems with nutrition and physical activity.

Of the exercises, the “lower abdomen” is well affected by the classical plank, i.e. holding the body with a horizontally elongated line while resting on the elbows, and a vacuum – the maximum retraction of the abdomen. However, guaranteed to get rid of this problem, a woman can only after a conversation with a specialist.

How to remove the stomach in the gym?

When it remains only to finish the last couple of kilograms, concentrated on the waist, it lies a direct path to the gym, where you need to start taking classes with a simulator and sports equipment. A particularly clear result is given by:

  • exercises with a fitball (big ball);
  • workouts on the bench for the press;
  • tilts with dumbbells.

How to get rid of the age belly in women?

In adulthood, the figure changes under the influence of hormonal fluctuations, especially when a woman enters a menopausal period. Aggravates attempts to get rid of fat deposits slowing metabolism, loss of skin tone and deterioration of the muscles.

The general rules for drawing up the menu remain the same as for girls, but experts emphasize a fractional diet and a reduction in salt intake. Additionally, exercises for deep abdominal muscles (not strength training!) Are required. Need sufficient, but not exhausting load.