Hair Loss Causes: The  Ways to Stop It

Hair Loss Causes

Hair loss is a problem that millions of men and women face every day. Many consider this a norm, and some, on the contrary, go to doctors even in the absence of visible problems. Annually, billions of dollars are spent on hair restoration worldwide: mesotherapy, transplantation, preparations for growth – the list can be continued for a long time.

Hair growth can be compared with the growth of grass: on barren soil, even a large amount of water and fertilizers will not help it to grow stronger. And vice versa. On fertile soil without rain and “fertilizing” sprouts can die. In the case of hair, blood is moisture; the scalp is soil, the condition of which depends on the nutrients entering the hair follicles.

Causes of hair loss

I will not talk about the obvious reasons, which all say: hormonal disorders, seasonality, stress. I’ll tell you about the hidden ones and share the methods of their elimination.

1. Violation of blood circulation. The flow of blood to the hair follicles depends on the presence or absence of birth trauma. When clamping the vessels, the nutrition of the bulbs can be disturbed. In infants who survived birth trauma, hair often does not grow at all until a year (sometimes longer).

Sometimes the cause of thin, dry and brittle hair should be looked for in early childhood, and not try to save the situation with oils and serums!

The cause of the violation of blood circulation can also be the trauma of the frontal bone. Pay attention to the adults suffering from alopecia. Most often, baldness starts at the sides of the center of the forehead – in the area of the supraorbital artery blood supply. This vessel has a somewhat complicated path. It passes through the cranial cavity, and even with minor trauma, it can be pinched.

Bald spots often form on the vertex. The reason is simple: it is remote from the outlet of all the main blood vessels providing blood supply.

2. Deficiency of vitamins and microelements. Many women notice strong hair loss during pregnancy, after childbirth, and during breastfeeding. This is due to a lack of useful substances in the body.

In most cases, the woman suffers a shortage of vitamins and microelements before pregnancy, but this is a hidden deficit. At a young age, our body can compensate for the lack of certain substances. After 30, it becomes more difficult.

Pregnancy is a separate story. It is like copying paper: it reveals what was previously hidden. The placenta, like a vacuum cleaner, absorbs from the mother’s body everything a child needs for healthy development. If time does not compensate for the lack of vitamins by balanced nutrition, in the future the woman will have hair loss and other health problems.

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The ways to stop falling out

The first thing to do is normalize the diet and make a balanced diet. When the body receives all the necessary macro- and micronutrients, the problem of hair loss is an exception, not a rule. Eat enough calcium and iron.

If you are planning a pregnancy, give an analysis of the mineral composition of the hair – help determine what you lack and correct the imbalance.

Important! During pregnancy, calcium-based drugs can be taken only from the 26th week. The safest option is chelate calcium. I recommend everyone pay attention to this drug – it is organic and safe (made from oyster shells). Well absorbed and, entering the tissues, can compensate for the deficiencies of vitamins and strengthen the roots of the hair.

Daily practice scalp massage. Do this carefully to avoid damage. The technique is as follows: grab the hair in a fist as close as possible to the root, squeeze your fingers several times until the sensation of tension appears and relax. Duration – about 10 minutes. This exercise will allow stretching the tendon helmet, which covers the skull from above, increase the mobility of the seams of the skull and improve the blood supply to the entire head.

Result: the follicles receive an influx of arterial blood, the condition of the hair improves. If the trichologist in the treatment of hair could not help, consult an osteopath. The situation in infants can be corrected for 1-2 visits. A good result in adults will be noticeable one year after the start of treatment.

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