Some easily lose those extra pounds regardless of the season, while others, like me, are in constant struggle with them.

No matter which category you belong to, these simple ways to lose weight in the summer will surely bear fruit!

1. Swimming

8 Fun Ways to Lose Weight in the Summer

Swimming is a great way to lose weight during the beach season. There is nothing better than to plunge into the pool on a hot day.

Swimming at a moderate pace for 30 minutes allows an average person weighing 60 kg to burn up to 190 calories.

Just half an hour? In refreshing cool water? What could be easier and more pleasant!

2. Hiking

8 Fun Ways to Lose Weight in the Summer

Those who like to spend weekends and holidays in the mountains say that even in the summer there is cooler than in the city.

Going on a hike, you can lose weight, enjoying the views of the beautiful mountain landscapes! And this is all outdoors! Isn’t it great?

Also, this practice will get rid of stress.

The point here is not only walking itself, but also sweating, which is also good for health.

A 30-minute walking tour at a moderate pace burns about 190 calories, and now imagine how this number will increase during mountain climbing!

3. Walking on the beach

8 Fun Ways to Lose Weight in the Summer

In the summer there is no better place for walking than a beautiful beach.

I find this occupation so peaceful that I sometimes dream of living by the sea and never returning to the city.

If you have ever walked in the sand, you know that this requires additional effort. You will burn more calories than when walking or even running lightly on asphalt since each step will cause your leg muscles to work harder.

However, this is not all.

You will also find that your joints are less stressed.

The next time you go on a beach walk, alternate walking on soft deep sand with walking on thick sand that is closer to the water. In this, I see a special pleasure!

4. Listen to your body

I do not know about you, but in my summer, when it is hot, my appetite decreases.

I met people who, despite the lack of desire to eat, forced themselves to eat.

Our body is designed amazingly and can “understand” what he needs and what does not.

Of course, in winter, he “wants” to put on a little weight to warm up. And in the summer, he understands that there is no need for this and goes, so to speak, to the “weight loss regime.”

If you follow the natural calls of your body, you can more easily get rid of those extra pounds.

5. Keep track of nutrition

8 Fun Ways to Lose Weight in the Summer

Write down on paper what you ate in the last 24 hours. I assure you that for many of you, what you see will be a real revelation.

In summer, it is so easy to be tempted to eat ice cream and other high-calorie foods. I understand that they taste good, but there must be a measure in everything! Try to eat more healthy foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

All that you have eaten write in the food diary and adjust the diet as needed.

6. Call a friend for help

Who likes to swim, walk, diet alone? I think no one!

There is a desire to share in human nature.

If your spouse or partner does not share your desire to lose weight, then find someone who wants to join you in such a good cause.

Before I became pregnant, my sister helped me with this, which had a great effect on the results!

Be sure to try this method!

7. Play with the mind

Studies show that some psychological “tricks” really help to lose weight.

For example, blue, according to many, suppresses appetite, which is why it is not used in the interior design of most fast-food restaurants.

Apply this trick in practice – surround yourself with blue when eating.

Also, if possible, eat in front of a mirror. Some people point out that in this case, they eat much less because they find the process of food consumption aesthetically unattractive.

8. Drink more water.

Water is your companion, especially on hot days. It is the best drink for weight loss.

To stay healthy, the body needs proper hydration.

It is proved that the mere consumption of water in sufficient quantity helps to get rid of excess weight.


Do not be afraid of losing weight. Using these 8 tips, you will find that you can get rid of extra pounds with a certain amount of pleasure. You will not even notice that you are working on your body!

If you know any other useful tips on how to lose weight in the summer, please tell us in the comments! I will be very grateful to you!