Bad Breath: Causes, Prevent, and Treatment

bad breath

Causes of bad breath

Bad breath is a common phenomenon in life. Therefore, many people think it is a trivial matter and not a disease. In fact, this idea is wrong, lousy breath has brought an enormous impact on patients, and it is one of the symptoms of gastric cancer and stomach cramps. Halitosis patients should not ignore the problem of bad breath.

1. caused by stomach heat: Because usually like spicy food, or do not pay attention to eating patterns, leading to a virtual fire in the stomach, accumulation of a hernia in the mouth, resulting in unpleasant gas, causing bad breath.

  2. Caused by constipation: Because the harmful substances produced by the patient’s body cannot be discharged in time, long-term, it will be slowly absorbed by the body, so that the oral cavity gas increased.

3. Oral problems caused by: due to endocrine causes, or some other factor, resulting in these people may suffer from aphthous, chronic periodontitis, or suffering from chronic, acute pharyngitis, resulting in increased tone.

    4. Adolescent physiological factors: mainly teenage girls, ovarian function hypoplasia, lower levels of sex hormones, decreased oral tissue resistance, causing oral problems, resulting in accumulation of a hernia in the mouth.

 5. Sweet and sweet day and night caused by Some people because of irregular life, often stays up late, long time online, over time, the anaerobic bacteria in the mouth will accumulate, resulting in a heavy tone, unpleasant.

 6. Helicobacter pylori: It is understood that Helicobacter pylori is the main culprit of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer, but also an important culprit leading to bad breath, much inexplicable bad breaths, may be caused by Helicobacter pylori, and this Halitosis is very stubborn and it is very difficult to remove teeth and mouth rinses, unless the pathogens in the body are completely removed and the body is no longer affected by Helicobacter pylori.

How to detect bad breath

Self-feeling method

(covering your mouth and nose with your hands, exhaling your breath, and smelling the gas yourself) Adjacent feedback: Evaluating clinical testing based on feedback from relatives, friends or spouses: Mainly includes adding wrists Experiments and plastic scoops The direct nasal measurement of experimental physicians.

It is a more accessible and  accurate method for objective assessment of bad breath. A professional halitosis nose doctor made the diagnosis, and the degree of bad breath was measured using a score scale of 0 to 5. The results were reproducible.

Laboratory tests

 Chemical analysis (GC/MS sulphide monitor, HPLC analysis, zinc oxide thin-film semiconductor sensors, BANA analysis), milk muzzle oxygen depletion experiments, microbiological and fungal tests, saliva culture, etc.

Artificial nose:

Including portable sulfide analyser (trade name Halime-ter) and electronic nose, etc. Halimeter uses the principle of chemical reaction to digitally represent the ppb concentration of H2S in the oral cavity. The method is simple and easy to operate, but it is vulnerable to Other odour effects in the mouth, such as alcohol, volatile aromas (perfume, hair styling agents, etc.). The electronic nose is a method for diagnosing lousy breath by distinguishing a characteristic odour in the mouth of a halitosis patient, but its function has yet to be improved.

bad breath

How to prevent bad breath

1. Cultivate children’s habits of paying attention to oral hygiene from a young age. Do mouthwash after meals and brush your teeth sooner or later.

2. The diet must be regular. Eat more fruits and vegetables, with the thickness, not picky eaters, not partial eclipse, not overeating.

3. Prevent indigestion. When dyspepsia occurs, some help with digestive and gastrointestinal motility drugs can be appropriate.

4. Pay attention to prevention and timely treatment of dental caries and malalignment. Eat sweets, especially sweet food before going to bed.

5. Use traditional Chinese medicine reed rhizome, peppermint, musk decoction, or 1% hydrogen peroxide, 2% soda, 2% boric acid, etc., choose one of them to reduce or eliminate bad breath.

Prevention and treatment of the elderly Some older adults often have an unpleasant odour in their mouths. The reasons for odours in the mouth are as follows:

1. There are dental caries, residual crowns, or residual roots in the oral cavity. Food debris is attached to these lesions. After the action of bacteria in the oral cavity, food residue will produce bad breath after fermentation. As long as the treatment of dental caries, residual crowns or residual roots, bad breath will disappear.

2. Periodontal disease in the mouth, especially the formation of blind pockets of chronic periodontal disease, resulting in a chronic pus discharge and odour. At this time, we should treat periodontal disease and eliminate blind bags to reduce bad breath.

3. The occurrence of acute inflammation in the oral cavity, such as acute periodontal abscess, pericoronitis of the third molar, etc., there are some severe inflammatory secretions in the oral cavity, and bad breath can also occur. These diseases are cured, and the halitosis after the inflammation subsides. Disappeared.

4. The elderly periodontium produces physiological atrophy and gaps between teeth. After eating, the food debris stays in the crevices of the teeth and produces odour after bacterial fermentation in the oral cavity.

Therefore, we must pay attention to oral hygiene, so that morning and evening (before going to bed) brush your teeth after rinsing food, eliminating the food residue in the mouth, you can prevent the occurrence of bad breath.

Although bad breath is not a separate disease, it often affects social interactions and brings a heavy mental burden to patients, causing excessive sadness, inferiority and anxiety.

With bad breath should go to the hospital in time to check the cause of bad breath, if it is oral bad breath caused by local factors, it should scrape tartar, calculus, treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis, filling cavities, removal of the residual crown, residual roots, removal of bad.

The restoration removes food residue and plaque from the tooth surface, especially the interdental space. In addition, it is necessary to actively treat other diseases that cause bad breath, and strengthen oral health care. Halitosis can be eliminated.

Treatment of bad breath

World herbal health care for gingivitis, periodontitis, oral mucositis and bad breath caused by tooth decay, periodontal disease, dental caries, gastrointestinal and other factors, may wish to use some grasshopper bubble soak some water, C
anti-inflammatory antibacterial, detoxification,  protect oral health, prevent and improve gingivitis, periodontitis, oral mucositis and pharyngitis, pharyngitis.

In recent years, dietary therapy has found that there are highly active odour-eliminating substances in kelp, and the deodorising effect is three times that of the existing halitosis inhibitor flavonoids.

Therefore, those who suffer from bad breath often eat it to eliminate bad breath. In addition, eating light, eat more foods rich in cellulose is conducive to clean the mouth, but also should be appropriate to eat with heat and dampness, avoid food deodorisation.

Such as melon seeds for the end of the mouth, including; fennel for soup drink or chewing; orange cake often chewing; with Suzi boiled water gargle; ebony alfalfa containing, etc. have a bad breath effect.

Raising bifidobacteria in the gastrointestinal tract can treat bad breath. Soluble Bifidobacterium factors such as soy oligosaccharides, isomaltooligosaccharides, and fructo-oligosaccharides are useful for the treatment of halitosis. How to adjust diet One: bad breath people should eat.

(1) Raw vegetables and apples to protect gums

(2) Ginger, cinnamon, mustard, and horseradish to prevent sinusitis

(3) Whole grains and water to avoid constipation

(4) Carrots, broccoli, spinach, and citrus Fruits to take beta-carotene and vitamin C.

(5) The amount of tea can be appropriate, you can heat to heat, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, clean the mouth, like oak grass, wolfberry tea, etc. can effectively prevent and improve bad breath symptoms.

People with bad breath should eat less:

Sugar, sweets, sweet drinks, cakes and biscuits, light protection teeth and tooth silver, and reduce dental plaque. Three taboos for bad breath:

(1) Eat garlic, onion, and curry

(2) Smoking or other tobacco products

(3) Drink alcohol.

Warm reminder: Some patients with bad breath often suffer from mouth pain, dry mouth, mouth sores, swollen gums, constipation, and other hot or hot images. It is best to select authoritative experts and not to use medicines at random. Otherwise, they will, easily relapse, and even cause disturbances and imbalances in other organs of the human body, leading to serious consequences.

Salty fish head tofu soup 1, salted fish head tofu soup. The salty fish head is both sweet and clear, while tofu is cool and has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. It is effective in treating oral ulceration, swelling, pain, bad breath and constipation.

Ingredients: 1 salted fish head, several tofu slices, 1 ginger slice.

Method: Wash all the ingredients. The salted fish oyster sauce is slightly fried and then put into the pot with ginger. Add in the appropriate amount of water and simmer for about half an hour. Place the tofu and roll it for 20 minutes.

2. Reed rhizome porridge. It cures bad breath caused by dry tongue or swollen gums. Raw reed rhizome porridge material: 30 grams of reed rhizome, 50 grams of rice.

Method: Wash the roots of reed rhizome, add the appropriate amount of water to cook for 15 minutes, leaving the juice residue, add rice boiled porridge, 1 day, should be taken every morning fasting, about 5 effective.

3. Cucumber porridge. Special treatment of liver fire or wet tongue caused by dry porridge bad cucumber.

Material: 50 grams of cucumber, 100 grams of rice.

Method: Cucumber peeled slices, porridge with rice, free to take.

Medicinal tea usually drinks some refreshing tea, which is of great benefit in reducing and curing bad breath. Herbal tea and mint tea, for example, are good natural teas that can eliminate bad breath.

1. Osmanthus Tea Take 3g sweet-scented osmanthus with boiling water and then use this boiled water to brew 5g black tea, one dose per day, frequently containing a drink. Good for treating bad breath.

2. Guiju tea Take 6 grams of sweet-scented osmanthus and chrysanthemum, and then use boiling water, brewing, a day in two or three times a day to brew and drink, this method is suitable for patients with bad breath on the stomach type, there is the effect of aromatic Qingwei.

3. Single-flavoured tea Therapeutic bad breath takes 25g green tea into a strong tea to drink, chewing tea, suitable for patients with bad breath on the stomach heat type, has the effect of removing stomach heat.

4. Jasmine mint tea Take 5g of mint and jasmine and brew with boiling water, one dose per day, in two brewing, better treatment of bad breath, can be aromatic and deodorant.

5. Pomegranate tea Take one or two pomegranates, remove the juice from the pomegranate, add cold water to drink, one dose a day, for bad breath and accompanied by sore throat patients have a good effect, there are heat and deodorising function.

6. Wolfberry tea Take 250g smashed smashed, washed with water, or drink, or the wolfberry peel juice drink cold water can also be. One dose per day. There is a heat elimination product treatment of bad breath, and it is suitable for bad breath and red wine for people with red eyes.

7. Loofah tea Take two old loofah peeled and chopped, simmered with water, one dose a day. There is detoxification, cooling blood deodorising effect, suitable for patients with bad breath and constipation.


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