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Is it normal to feel tired during pregnancy?

Yes, it is common to feel tired or even exhausted during the 9 months of pregnancy, especially in the first trimester and in the last few weeks.

The hormonal changes typical of this condition can cause among other things

  • tiredness,
  • nausea,
  • an increase of emotionality.

More occasionally, insomnia, if accompanied by other symptoms, may be a sign of depression; in the presence of sensations like

  • loss of interest in activities deemed to be pleasant,
  • a feeling of emptiness and without hope,

it is recommended to warn the gynecologist.

The most important answer to these sensations is to try to

  • rest as much as possible,
  • find time to sit down periodically,
  • accept without hesitation an offer of help from colleagues and family members.

At this stage it is more important than ever to take care of yourself, making sure to follow a healthy diet (compatible with nausea) and rest properly.

In the last weeks of pregnancy fatigue instead increases due to the extra weight that the body has to manage; unfortunately also because of the bigger and bigger belly it may be difficult to be able to rest properly at night, it could be difficult to find the position and it is often necessary to get up at night to urinate.

The important thing is that fatigue is not a danger for the mother or the baby, but it certainly makes life more difficult.

Dreams during pregnancy

Some women may have strange dreams or even nightmares about the child or childbirth.

If it happens if you can talk peacefully with your partner, gynecologist or midwife, but above all, it is good to remember that, just because you dream something, does not mean it should happen.

Relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques can be helpful in reducing any anxiety that may arise in this regard.

In what position to sleep?

Sleeping on the back (resting on the back) may no longer be the best choice after 16 weeks of pregnancy, the position can become uncomfortable and also the uterus can go to reduce the flow of blood from the inferior vena cava to the heart, resulting in a possible lowering of pressure and consequent sense of weakness.

Sleeping on the side from this point of view is therefore certainly preferable, better if the left one.

You can try to support the baby bump with the help of a pillow and putting one even between the knees.

Towards the end of pregnancy, some women prefer to use pillows to lift their torso, going to sleep in a nearly sitting position, a position that also helps reduce the frequent heartburn and reflux that afflicts many pregnant women.

Remedies for insomnia in pregnancy

It is important not to let yourself be nervous by the difficulties in getting to sleep, even with the awareness that the child from this point of view does not run risks.

If possible, it can help you rest during the day and try to go to sleep earlier in the evening; very important to avoid the consumption of tea, coffee or cola in the evening, because caffeine can make insomnia worse.

The alcohol and smoking are obviously to be avoided entirely apart, but one more reason to do it is that could worsen sleep quality.

It is very important to try to relax before going to sleep, and in this sense, they can help breathing and relaxation techniques.

Many women, for example, benefit from yoga and pilates, in some cases it is possible to find courses focused on pregnancy (otherwise it is essential always to warn the teacher of their condition).

L ‘ exercise paradoxically can help you feel less tired, so it pays to try to practice light physical activity agreed with your gynecologist, for example:

  • to stroll,
  • to swim,

Even in this, it is not difficult to find specific courses for pregnant women, or maybe friends who share the gestation period with which to take a walk.

In case of serious difficulties do not be afraid to talk about it with your midwife or gynecologist.

Finally, the general rules for correct sleep hygiene apply:

  1. Strive to maintain a routine, going to sleep more or less at the same time.
  2. A hot shower or bath (not hot!) Before bedtime can help you relax.
  3. Writing a list of things to do the next day can help you organize your thoughts.
  4. Listening to relaxing music can help you to sleep, as well as read a few pages of a book.
  5. Avoid using electric devices in the bedroom (television, tablet, smartphone,
  6. Use the bedroom only for rest and to find intimacy with the partner (unlike all other physical activities, sexual relations can reconcile sleep).
  7. The room must be dark, silent and possibly at a temperature between 18 ° and 24 °.

General recommendations on how to get rid of insomnia:

  1. Do not use sleeping pills; they cause such unpleasant side effects as depression and dehydration. Also, they knock sleep; you will sleep during the day, and stay awake at night if you overdo it with taking sleeping pills. It is better to adhere to natural products, for example, herbal.
  2. Do not eat before bedtime food that is digested for a long time and contains complex proteins and carbohydrates. Especially you can not drink coffee and strong black tea because of the high caffeine content. Do not forget to check the composition of drugs that you use. They can be substances that excite the nervous system, which adversely affects the psyche and makes it difficult to fall asleep.
  3. Try to relax before bedtime, make it easy: stop listening to music, watch movies, chat with friends, and so on. Two or three hours before sleep, you need to reduce mental activity, relax and think about your own, read an interesting book or watch a documentary.
  4. It is advisable to fall asleep on the back, as other poses load the internal organs. For example, if you go to bed on your side, it will put pressure on your heart.
  5. Spend a few breaths, necessarily deep. Breathing relaxes the nervous system, which contributes to a strong and healthy sleep.
  6. It helps warm milk with the addition of honey. It greatly relaxes the psyche, and honey nourishes the body with nutrients, but do not add too much honey. It contains simple carbohydrates that excite the psyche.
  7. Make yourself tea from healthy herbs for half an hour before bedtime. These herbs include lavender, fennel, valerian, chamomile, marjoram, and many others. They will help you fall asleep and free your head from unnecessary thoughts.
  8. Take a cold bath with sandalwood essential oil. So you will reduce the blood supply to the brain, and sleep will come very quickly.
  9. Rub the body with a damp, cool towel, so you temporarily disperse the metabolism and tire the body.
  10. Buy a new mattress, for example, orthopedic. He keeps his back and head in the right position so that they lie flat and the blood flow is not disturbed. Because of this, you will want to sleep, besides the materials from which the mattresses are made very soft and pleasant.
  11. Buy a new blanket and pillow. It is advisable to buy a blanket that adapts to your temperature – it warms in the winter and cools in the summer. So you will increase comfort during your stay in bed and will be able to fall asleep much faster.

Folk remedies for insomnia

The most effective tool without side effects – honey. It does not adversely affect the central nervous system and is well absorbed.

Also, very useful trips to the bath, take an oak broom, it will help you relax and calm down before bedtime. Below we describe a few recipes.

  1. Mix in a cup with honey 15 milliliters of apple cider vinegar. Drink before bedtime 10 milliliters of the mixture; its effect is the same as that of sleeping pills. With extreme fatigue, it acts much more efficiently; if you do not feel the effect of 10 milliliters, you can drink 20 milliliters.
  2. You can insist honey in water, add a tablespoon of any honey to a glass of water, and leave overnight. In the morning you will find that the honey has dissolved. Drink infusion every day before bedtime.
  3. You can massage the temples with lavender oil, just spread your fingers on the oil and perform light circular movements. The aromatic properties of lavender will help your mind to relax, and massage stimulates the most important vessels, which causes the desire to go to bed sooner.
  4. Very potent and effective tincture – a mixture of lemon juice with buckwheat honey and walnuts. A huge amount of nutrients walnuts and honey is dissolved in juice and has a positive effect on the psyche. Use one tablespoon of the mixture before bedtime. Do not forget that nuts must be crushed to the smallest state for them to “give away” useful substances faster.
  5. It is easier to get rid of insomnia if it is caused by increased blood circulation in the brain. You can put a mustard plaster on caviar or horseradish; it will cause the outflow of excess blood from the head. The same effect has a cucumber pickle, for efficiency increase add a tablespoon of buckwheat honey.
  6. Herbal preparations are also very effective, for example, from lavender, peppermint, rhizomes of valerian, pharmaceutical chamomile and other plants. Take 20 grams of each ingredient and pour 200 ml of boiling water over it. Let the mixture stand for about 30 minutes, then strain it and squeeze it thoroughly. Broth not only soothes the psyche but also improves appetite and digestion. Eat 200 milliliters of decoction at night, about one to two hours before bedtime.
  7. Mix the fruits of cumin, valerian root and chamomile flowers in equal proportions. Fill with hot water, and let it brew for 20-40 minutes. Use a decoction, both in the morning and in the evening. It is especially effective for people suffering from neurological and psychological diseases because it relaxes the nervous system very much.
  8. Buy valerian herb and chamomile in the pharmacy. Peel the lemon and remove the zest, chop it thoroughly, and mix with chamomile and valerian. Brew a glass of boiling water and wait until the grass “give” all its beneficial properties. Use the decoction twice a day for half an hour before meals.

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